Friday, September 15, 2006

My amazing vacation....broken into "Chapters"

Since so much went on during vacation (mostly good, some not so good...), I am going to break down the events into "Chapters:"

Chapter 1: The Psychic visit (coming first, since everyone is waiting to hear about the results of it!)

Chapter 2: Escort down the GSP with Hurricane Ernesto

Chapter 3: The Boogey-Nose Imp (Christopher, of course!)

Chapter 4: How a two-year-old can scare the crap out of her parents (and hosts!)

Chapter 5: Peace found by the ocean

Chapter 6: Play time and other funny Christopher moments (pics will be included....which is why this is later in the chapter list!)

Chapter 7: Some sad news to accompany the last night of vacation

Chapter 8: The return to reality - Work, doctor screw ups, unexpected weddings!

I will try to post one or two chapters per day...I hope!


Anonymous said...

Now that you told me about your issues with commenting, I figured out how to comment!
Can't wait to hear about your vacation :)

Anonymous said...

whoops forgot to write my name- DERH!

-Jessica :)

ilyse said...

Can't wait to read all the chapters!