Friday, September 22, 2006

...Lets keep the good news a'rollin' in!

Just got back from my endocrinologist appointment this morning...and Dr. S confirmed what the radiologist told me Tuesday - there appears to be no thyroid problem. YEAH!!!!

So, why exactly was my T4 elevated, you ask?....

....Because if the damned birth control pills!

Can you believe it! I go on the BCPs to try to regulate my cycles (which, of course, it has not done), and on the back end, they create more stress and worry. Please remind me to NEVER make that decision to go back on them again!

Dr. S explained that Dr. R and Dr. McC ran the thyroid bloodwork for TSH, T3 and T4 - but, not FREE T3 and T4, which gives you the true level of the hormones in your body. What they ran shows you T3 and T4 with proteins attached to the hormone - and, because I was on the BCPs for a few months, the BPCS were causing more proteins to run through my system, elevating the T4 readings. Which explains why the T4 levels kept increasing over the summer from being completely normal in the Recurrent Loss Panel in May...I was on the BCPs from mid-May through the very beginning of August - and the last T4 level (the highest one I had) was run on August 22nd, not allowing enough time for my body to flush out the proteins and extra T4 attached to them. Now, that I am almost 2 months off the BCPS, the bloodwork she ran today should show normal FREE T4 levels.

As a precaution, she is also running a Thyroid antibody screen - she said you can have thyroid antibodies in your system, which may or may not make you develop a thyroid problem, but can certainly affect your chances for additional miscarriages. So, I will know those results next week sometime...but, she said it is unlikely the bloodwork will come back with a positive for thyroid antibodies (she is sure Dr. D must have run that in the Recurrent Loss Panel).

....and, I am STILL 151 lbs! Yippeee! Can you say, Gap! Watch out! Here I come! Mommy needs some new clothes for the fall!

What does all this mean for the future now? Hope, for sure. Peace, absolutely.

I am finally being treated for the MTHFR/homocysteine issues, so we will know in November if the Folgard is working well. I have had little problems now with my stomach...although, I have yet to see what happens when I come off the Librax (hopefully, the stomach issues will not return so strongly). I have kept the weight off, and am physically in a better place to TTC again. And, I have finally, truly, come to a peaceful place about the losses - to a place where I can remember, but not feel angry, upset or alone.

I just have to keep the weight off now...and see what Dr. D will do about getting me knocked up again. I still have reservations about using Clomid, since the last 3 tries have not produced stellar responses...but, now that I am 35 lbs lighter (and weight less than I did when I get pregnant with Chris on 50 mg Clomod), maybe it will work better and I just need to trust and try it again. That conversation comes up on 10/23 when I go to see Dr. D for my annual...

I think I have come to a point where I can begin to close this chapter of my life and look toward the joys of the future. I know I will still have bad days ahead - especially, when I am TTC and finally pregnant again, and the worry of another miscarriage will creep back in - but, with Dr. P's help, I think I will be able to face it better.

Until then, I am going to enjoy life for a while!

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Jessica said...

I hate BCPs, they are evil! I am so glad you are maitaining at a good weight... although jealous too! haha.
I'll be praying for everything to fall into place nicely for you now.