Thursday, October 30, 2008

Missing you, my Angel Baby Girl

Today would have been my third angel's second birthday...

I miss you, my little Sarah. Thank you for spending your short time with us.... You are remembered always.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day: October 15th

It is a shame for all of us to have to post this year after year... But, for all of us who have lost our precious angels...

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May we find a little bit of peace today while we remembers our angels.

I will be lighting my candle tonight for:

Angel #1: Lost 9/19/04
Angel #2: Lost 11/22/05
Angel #3: Lost 3/21/06

You are always in my heart, for the rest of my life and forever.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A year of incredible changes

My Hubby pointed out a few nights ago how much things have changed in one little year. Let's start from October 1, 2007:
  • 10/07: We are working on evaluations, placements, therapy for Chris' PDD-NOS diagnosis
  • 10/1/07: I tell hubby I am pregnant, after Chris mentions something about a "baby sister" and I set up to donate Chris' baby stuff
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  • 10/1/07: Hubby is laid off from his job after only 3 months
  • 1/08: My IL's find out they are losing their house
  • 5/08: My IL's get their house back
  • 6/16/08: Gabriel is born
  • 9/08: Hubby is offered a new job, after a few other offers he declines from other firms
  • 9/29/08: We take Chris to a new pediatric neurologist and he tells us there is no way Chris is on the Autism spectrum (more on that to be posted this week)
  • 10/1/08: Hubby starts new job...and it is a year from finding out about my PG with Gabriel
It certainly has been a year of ups, downs, endings and beginnings.

And, I am pleased now...with all of it. I am grateful because without the downs, there could not have been the ups.

I guess this is what acceptance truly feels like. It is so good to be here, finally.