Monday, September 25, 2006

Autism Speaks: Annual Walk for Autism Research

For anyone who has been touched by Autism, Autism Speaks! is getting ready for its annual signature event, Walk for Autism Research.

My friend C (who was involved with my meeting Hubby 19 years ago) has a son who was just diagnosed with Autism this year, after so many other medical battles in his relatively short life. She and her her husband T are taking part in the Annual Walk for Autism Research:

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To send a donation:

Click here to get to the Scholz personal page and make a secure, online donation.

Or, you may make a check payable to Autism Speaks and mail your check to:

Timothy Scholz
5171 86th Ave N
Pinellas Park, FL, 33782-5352

Your donation will get where it needs to go - directly to Autism Research. Thank you!

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ilyse said...

What a good friend you are to get the word out. I hope they raise alot of money. It is all for a great cause.