Friday, September 01, 2006

We're goin' on a trip... We're goin' on a trip!

We are off tomorrow (with Tropical Storm Ernesto in tow) to the Jersey shore... YEAH! The Subaru Forester will be packed to the gills, but the trip isn't too long.

To start the trip off with a real "bang" - I got to be involved in a minor car accident. Our system administrator's at work (we carpool to save $$$ on the gas) was driving his wife's car and this idiot woman didn't notice were stopped at a red light and she hit us pretty hard. None of us were hurt...but now he has to get his wife's car fixed (which was JUST fixed from another accident).

No more thinking about doctors appointments, tests, losses....nothing. This is to be all rest, relaxation, fun...and a trip to the boardwalk psychic.

So... I will post when I can. But, I am going to enjoy my time with Chris, Hubby and my family.

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ilyse said...

Hope you were ok from the accident and had a great time on vacation!