Friday, October 20, 2006

100 Things about Me

In the time-honored blogging tradition... Here is my 100 Things about Me...

  1. I gave birth to my son in the same hospital I was born in...and will be going to for MFM care, if I am so lucky: St. Barnabas Medical Center (guess what comes around goes around)
  2. I have lived in NJ all of my life...with a few brief "residences" in PA for college for 4 years
  3. I have lived in 8 different houses since birth (counting 3 different dorms/houses in college)
  4. When I was a little girl, I was "in love" with John Denver
  5. I used to drag around my bean-bag baby as a little girl (and still have her now)
  6. My mother used to rip half my hair out putting pigtails in when I was a little girl
  7. My shared bedroom with my older sister looked like Pepto Bismol puked in it - there was SO MUCH PINK in it!
  8. I had to take speech therapy in early grammar school
  9. I tried to trap and kiss a boy on the fire escape in grammar school (Ricky)
  10. I tried to play flute when I was in 4th grade - and hated it
  11. I am a "reformed public" (meaning I went to public school until 5th grade, then changed over to Catholic school when we moved one town over)
  12. I never knew how to diagram a sentance (for all you grammar buffs) until I switched to Catholic school
  13. I "beat up" a girl who was picking on me in grammar school
  14. I was honored to crown the stature of Mary at the May Crowning in grammar school
  15. I chose to go to an all-girls Catholic high school to get away from the crazy boys I went to Catholic grammar school with
  16. I used to take the "Cheese Bus" to high school
  17. I was in all of the plays in high school and in drama club, even though I hated being in the spotlight
  18. I was on Chemistry League in high school
  19. I was a wiz at Algebra and Trig, but sucked at Geometry
  20. I used to read Cliff Notes to get around reading the "required" books in school
  21. I took Spanish in high school - but only got a C because the Spanish teacher didn't like to pass non-Spanish students
  22. I missed making National Honor Society by less than .3 points
  23. I could never get my hair high in high I could do was spiral perm
  24. I failed the behind the wheel driving test when I turned 17 years old...and didn't bother to get my license until I turned 22 years old
  25. I tried smoking 2 cigarettes in college....until the sore throat after stopped that!
  26. I didn't drink my first drop of alcohol until the very end of my Freshman year of college... I had more fun watching those who were drunk anyway
  27. I got "written up" in college by my RA for being in a room with alcohol - and I wasn't even drinking...
  28. ...and the resulting education class gave us tips on how to handle hang-overs, positioning for bed spins...
  29. My friends in college hired a stripper for my 20th birthday and had him dance in the dorm lounge
  30. I feel and sprained my ankle for my 22nd birthday in college (gotta love the Zima!)
  31. I never have used my college degree (psychology) in my professional life
  32. I take "me" time at work to blog and check my BG's
  33. I never send out e-mails or letters at work without double/triple checking my messages
  34. I don't always get to take my lunch at work....usually some emergency comes up.
  35. I want to go back to school for an advanced degree...just don't know for what yet
  36. I was not baptized as a child - I went through the RCIA at 16 years old to become Catholic
  37. I used to attend Ukrainian masses with my paternal grandmother as a child
  38. I was a Eucharistic Minister in college (went to a Jesuit University)
  39. I was in the choir in college too
  40. I used to do retreat weekends for the youth after college
  41. I lost my faith when I experienced my second miscarriage in November 2005
  42. ...and it has taken me a long time to regain my faith in God
  43. I want to visit each country I have a nationality from : England, Ireland, France, Germany, Poland and Ukraine
  44. My maternal grandparents, as I knew them, were not my real grandparents - my mom was adopted by her aunt and uncle when her mother passed away when she was 3 years old
  45. My mother was forced to have an abortion by my paternal grandmother when I was 10 years old - it wasn't the "right time"
  46. I used to spend my summers at the Jersey Shore with my paternal grandparents
  47. I miss some of the friends I had to part ways with to better my spirit and person
  48. My first "boyfriend" was a friend of my brother's named Ray
  49. My life changed the day I met my Hubby at my first high school dance: 9/18/87
  50. Hubby was my "one and only"
  51. My hubby and I allowed each other to date other people while I was away in college to make sure we were "right" for each other
  52. My engagement ring was not purchased - it was my MIL's setting and Hubby's greatgrandmother's diamond. It will someday be passed on to Chris for his intended (then I get a new ring!)
  53. Hubby had a one-of-a-kind sapphire ring made for me because he "felt bad" he was not able to purchse an engagement ring for me in 1997
  54. My Hubby and I are both Aquarians - born 2 days shy of 1 year appart - makes for a rather happy marriage
  55. I HATE when Hubby leaves his dirtly clothes on the floor!
  56. I want to re-marry Hubby at a drive-thru wedding chapel in Vegas
  57. I live in the house where Hubby's grandparents and great-grandparents lived for 30 years
  58. I am "neighbors" with my IL's and Hubby's aunt and uncle
  59. I LOVE the colors Burgandy and Forest Green
  60. Most of my shirts are Black or some other dark color
  61. I only buy one "trendy" fashion item in a year
  62. I have always wondered how I would look as a red-head
  63. I love progressive rock and hair metal
  64. My favorite band is Queensryche (a prog rock band)
  65. I am a "closet" Stryper fan (Christian Metal from the 80's)
  66. I love anything Phantom of the Opera
  67. I HATE the movie "It's a Wonderful Life"
  68. My favorite Christmas movie is "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby, Danny Kay and Rosemary Clooney
  69. Hubby loves my special rendition of the song "White Christmas" (okay, maybe is rather rough on the ears)
  70. I love to write, when I get the time
  71. I love the ocean...and would love to live by the ocean someday
  72. I own well over 100 Beanie puppies
  73. I want a Pug as a doggie when Chris (and other kid(s) are old enough)
  74. I have always wanted to get a tattoo...
  75. ...for now, I will take my "rebellious" three piercings in each ear
  76. I want to get breast reduction surgery when I am done having kids
  77. ...for now, I own $600 worth of BarSmythe bras!
  78. My favorite time of year is the Fall
  79. I love driving around to look at all of the holiday lights on the houses
  80. I LOVE Christmas morning
  81. My lifelong wish is to be a stay at home mom
  82. I am considering home-schooling Chris
  83. I am the only one in my family to suffer from Infertility...
  84. ...and I am the only one in my family to have a miscarriage (or miscarriages)
  85. Hubby and I thought we had an "oops!" when a condom slipped off before we got married...who knew the worry was for nothing since I can't get PG on my own anyway!
  86. I miss being niave about pregnancy and getting pregnant...
  87. ...and I will do anything to stay pregnant nex time around
  88. I am scared to death to TTC again
  89. I have lost 35 pounds since November 2005
  90. I am the only one in my family showing early signs of Thyroid disorder
  91. Chris is my miracle from God
  92. I love to snuggle with Chris and Hubby on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  93. I don't mind if Chris makes a mess in the house - they are only young once
  94. I love to play on the jungle gyms with Chris at the park
  95. I secretly wish for twins...which run in my family
  96. I have been through counseling twice in my life: now and once in college
  97. I started blogging in March 2006 - and have kept it up for my own personal sanity
  98. I am happy to be "out" about my infertility and miscarriage problems - I don't care who knows anymore. It is part of my personality.
  99. I want to use my experiences to educate others about miscarriage and infertility
  100. I cherish my family more than can be put into words.

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