Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chapter 3: The Boogey-Nose Imp (Christopher, of course!)

...Now, onto Chapter 3 of vacation...which, now, seems like it happened a year ago (damned work!).

My mom calls me Friday to mention that Chris has been sneezing like crazy...which I also had noticed Thursday night. So, I figured, maybe he was just having some allergies again - it certainly was starting to feel fall-like, and when I have an allergy flair-up, so does he.


Friday night, someone opened the faucet that is his nose and forgot to turn it off!

Poor thing... He was sneezing, nose running, mild coughing - not quite a good way to begin vacation. But, he is a trooper! He slept like a log Friday night (after aiding him with some Children's Tylenol Cold) and was very chipper Saturday morning (just with a runnign boogey-nose).

After we made it down to the shore through Hurricaine Ernesto, and he (and I) took a 3 hour nap (can you say heavenly...except when I woke up and realized my contacts were sticking to my eyeballs), he just chilled for the day...not much to do when it is pouring rain.

The weather started to clear a bit in the very late we decided, let's take him to The Music Man Ice Cream Shop! The Music Man Shop is an ice cream store where you get seated, order your ice cream and when all of the orders and served, the wait staff presents a half hour performance - We called and made reservations for 5 (the place is VERY busy!) for 6 pm.

When we arrived, we had to wait outside a little bit (they were finishing up a private party), and during that wait, you could see Chris was starting to get a little icky....he was whiny (which is NOT his style), eyes getting red and he just looked tired. Once the party cleared, we went in and got seated...then we could really see he just wasn't feeling good. So, after about 10 minutes of sitting at the table, looking over the menu, I made the decision to take him back to the house and call it a night. We apologized to the wait staff...and they genuinely felt bad that he was feeling so crappy and hoped we would come back when he was feeling better.

My IL's stayed a few minutes and bought take-out ice cream (which, we did give to Chris at home - helps a sore throat, right??), while we got him settled into his jammies. He didn't sleep that well Saturday night - even with the Tylenol. But, once he woke up Sunday morning, he was ready to go again....sleeping it off (as best he could, anyway) did make him feel better.

Of course, there was some residual boogey-issues through Thursday of vacation...but, he felt much better after Saturday. And, amazingly, NO ONE caught that cold!

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