Friday, September 15, 2006

Vacation Chapter 1: The Psychic visit

The boardwalk psychic visit actually happened on the last full day of, this will be out of "time-sequence," if that really matters!

I walk into her "storefront" (really, a larger room followed by a smaller room, separated by a red curtain) and she tells me to sit down...she needs to "clear her mind" (sure thing, since our friend S just had a reading done a few minutes before). After a few seconds, she tells me to come in to the small reading area...

She takes my hands and begins to examine them, front, back, front, back... The first words out of her mouth is that I have a nice, long life-line - I should live well into my 80's. Phew! So, we will have to see what is happening around 2056! Although she didn't mention anything specific about how long I would be married, she did say I was happily married to a supportive man. So, Check #1 for her.

She then beigns to ask me about my mom...

She says my mom is very stressed and sad. Did someone pass recently that she was close to? I replied no. Check subtraction #1. Then, she tells me that I am very different from my brother and sister - I care about people's feelings and minimalize the meaning of "stuff" in my life (meaning, materialistic things), whereas they are "stuff" oriented and everything is always about them. They only "care" about you when it is convenient for them. Check #2 for her! She said they are a great source of stress and sadness for my mom...and that I need to be her rock to get through it. She says my mom is not a well woman (Check #3 for her, since my mom does have several autoimmune diseases, anxiety and stomach problems), and that being her sounding-board will help her to reduce the stress and be well. She also said my mom takes such pleasure in Chris when he is there for the day (Check #4, since I didn't tell her my mom watched him) and that the arrangement is very good for her.

Then she tells me that a move is being planned for the future... I respond yes, but not the very near future - it was in the very early "planning" stages. So, she asks how close my parents and in-laws live to me - and I told her my parents live a town over and my in-laws are around the corner. She tells me to keep that kind of distance - not to move everyone closer. Not because no one gets along - we all do. But, such a close arrangement could cause stress for us (meaning Hubby and I) in the long run. Check #5 for her, since I didn't mention until after she said this that the plan was to try to find a three-family house (or some sort of arrangement like that) to have everyone close. She said, absolutely, don't do it. Humm...

She also says that my job has been stressful lately...that I work with the public and the work I do affects those who attend the events. Check #6, since she didn't ask what I did until after she said that. She said, try to stay out of the politics of the office - it would only cause more stress than I need right now. On that, she is kinda wrong (Check subtraction #2) as the politics of my office have gone away since the departure of my "fav" ex-co-worker (psycho) Maria...but, then again, she could mean the University itself, which in that case, she would be right. So, I will take that at face value for now...and keep it in the back of my mine.

Then, she finally came to the issue I was hoping she would....children.

She asked, you have had several pregnancies, right? Check #7. I responded yes. She asked, several were not successful? Check #8. I responded yes. She asked, how many living children do you have? (Now, as a psychic, she should know that, right? But I will let it slide for now...). I responded 1, out of 4 pregnancies.

She holds my hand and says, "You are meant to have 3 living children. Don't give up, as you have the best care you can get."

Now, this falls in line with what she told my MIL in July, and what she told DH in July and after my reading (he went in after me again). So, maybe that can be true? Only time will tell.

However, what does bother me is that she told S that she will have 3 children as well (although the 3 for her includes her m/c'ed angel in 8/05)... So, children come in 3's to her?

In the end, she got a lot right - way more than I was expecting for $10 and 10 minutes time, and not coming forth with informatin to "aid her" in her reading. But, at the same time, there were generalizations that could be applied to just anyone she meets... Again, only time will tell...but, considering how well the MFM appointment went, maybe she will be right...


dawn said...

Wow! Sounds like she was on with some things and like said others could go either way. I have always wanted to do that but never had the courage. Glad you enjoyed it.

ilyse said...

Wow, sounds like she was right on with alot of things. I hope that her prediction about the children will come true for you.