Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Twenty viles of blood on the wall...

We had the recurrent loss panel drawn yesterday morning - Finally!

Hubby had one vile drawn for the chromosome panel...what a guy!

Then, the tech started grabbing vile after vile for me.... Twenty in all, five different types of viles for the different tests being run. Now, I was expecting about twelve or so viles, but twenty! Might as well have given blood for the Red Cross! :) Hubby and I had a good laugh as the tech piled more and more viles on the counter... Luckily, this tech is really good - no bruising to show for the blood-letting! ;)

So, now the wait begins for the results... two or more weeks to go before it all comes back. And, probably an even longer wait for Dr. D to review the results and call us in to go over them.

Meanwhile...I feel like AF might be coming for a visit, all on her very own. Then again, she has faked me out in years past, so I could be deluding myself that she will be stopping in. If she does, I am going to call Dr. D's office to see if he will do the CD3 testing - I haven't had that done in a while, and I would love to know what my horror-mones are doing on their own...

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thats amazing you don't have bruises though.

I know what horror-mones are like, let's hope they aren't too out of whack.