Thursday, May 04, 2006

My ducks, Take Two

Things are now finally resolving themselves - Yeah!

Yesterday, I received a phone call from the therapy center I left a message with for the first therapist I had called - turns out that the therapist I had the referral for had passed away over a year ago! I felt really bad because the person who called me was mentored by this person, and he was surprised that I was calling so long after he passing. Can't believe the insurance companies haven't received word of it. But, the man who called was really nice about it and wanted to make sure that I had found someone to go to - if I had not, he said they would be more than willing to take over, if my insurance matched what they carried.

Then, I got a call from Lee at Dr. D's office last night around 6:30 pm - after reviewing everything again, Dr. D is requesting that we come in as soon as possible to have the testing done: a chomosome panel on both Hubby and I, and a full blood clotting/autoimmune panel on me. With work this week, there is no way to go in this week, but looks like we are aiming for Tuesday morning. I am so releived he is still following-up with matter the outcome, at least I will have some of the answers I need.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Christopher!!!

Today is Chris' birthday...this time 2 years ago, I was dozing off with my epi and pitocin drip... Can't believe how much he has grown in two years... My baby is a little boy now. I am so happy, yet so sad about it. I wish I could bottle him up like he is now - he's just perfect!

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