Monday, May 22, 2006

Stomach Virus, Part Deux!

So, I came down with another stomach virus Friday night... Okay, not really sure IF it was really a stomach virus (since no one else is sick - and the past two times I had one, Chris had it first), or just my nerves catching up with me. But, I felt miserable all weekend, starting Friday night.

Luckily for me, my GP's covering doc prescribed Reglan again for me, which I took in February to finally get over the virus I got from Chris. It worked like a charm! Feel much better today...just tired.

But, while I was feeling crappy, I had time to talk to Hubby about some things (see previous post about Reconnecting)...and it really helped. I seem to be in a better mood, and we are really talking again. The talk has really prepped me for meeting Dr. Pedoto on Wednesday...

I never imagined I would look FORWARD to counseling! Haha! But, I really am. I am tired of feeling tired, tired of feeling angry, tired of being jealous, tired of pitying myself for what I don't or possibly can't have. I know HE won't be able to give me the answers I am looking for (I was a psych major, after all, in college!), but I know he will help me to find the answers within myself to move on past this and learn from it. Maybe even gain some peace and serenity...

Until then...I am heading out for my 2 mile walk!

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