Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A call for Birth Control Pills

....That's right, BCPs....

In attempt to slap my body into what it was designed to do, I had suggested to Dr. D. back at my d&c follow-up that maybe I should go on BCPs for a while to get a few good cycles in before we revisit TTC again. He agreed - and said he was going to actually suggest it, but for no longer than 4-5 months so we can see how I respond.

So, AF showed last night... a la the post Stomach Virus, Part Deux! Should have known that's why I felt soooo crappy, since this is exactly what happened in January (before the stomach virus that wouldn't leave, which hit in late January/early February) - I had to take Provera to bring that cycle on because I had gone almost 2 months without a visit. I just hope this is not going to be "the norm" around her visits now - that would just outright SUCK! I can't imagine missing 2-3 days out of my life just for AF to rear her ugly head.

But, I am glad she is here for a change - and that I didn't need it do arrive via drugs. Means that my body kinda remembers it's supposed to invite her in from time to time. Then again, it is just Russian Roulette for me!

Anyways, here will be my posted blinky for a while as I begin to heal from the past 6+ months...

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Hope my body gets this hint.

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Jessica said...

I hate bcps!!!! But I am glad you have a plan.