Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Getting all of my ducks in a row

Amazing what a difference a day makes...

Yesterday, I left work very frustrated over several things: Hadn't heard back from Dr. D about what we were doing with Recurrent Loss Testing after the pathology report came back normal from the d&c; hadn't heard back from the two counselors I called that I was referred to by my GP; had to deal with a bunch of problems my Center Admin left when she went on vacation this week, leaving my work-load set aside again...

But, things started changing last night on my way home from work... Dr. Pedoto (calling him Dr. Gumba, since he sounds like a typical Italian guy from Essex/Bergen Counties here in NJ) called me on my cell phone on the way home from work. Since I was driving on the GSP, I figured it wasn't wise to pick up the call then - so I called right when I got home. Spoke to him for a while about what was going on and what I was looking for - and, although he does not specialize in IF/loss, he does deal a lot with loss/grief counseling and feels that he can do right by me. So, I decided to give him a shot. Appointment's set for May 18th at 6 pm, at which time if I like him, we will set up a regular meeting time. So, I will be hopefully de-boarding this emotional rollercoaster very soon!

Had a GREAT night's sleep last night! Since I had more time in the morning to sleep (had to go to my eye doc this morning for a check-up), I was able to sleep in a bit. Sleep always helps...as does the med that it's taking to get me that sleep!

This morning's eye doc appointment went very well - he is switching my contacts because the brand I have been using for the past few years are no longer working for me. My eyes are always dry. So, we are testing a new type for the next week or so. The new pair, so far, is WAY more comfy than the older one's!

Lee at Dr. D's office called today (without me badgering her) to say that Dr. D needed to review my file and see what he wants to do with testing... Since it's been a month since we spoke now and it's taken this long for the betas to go down (Lee doesn't seem to think I need to go in for another one now - it should be zero now from the last beta of 12 on April 13th), he can't remember off the top of his head what we had planned to do. So, she said she will call me (or the doc will himself) as soon as he reviews the file (either today or tomorrow).

Here at work, I have managed to create a new "to-do" list - which is WAAAAY long! But, I have in front of me what exactly I need to do, in between trying to help the new workshop coordinator out with training... I am dreading that list, but with my Director being out a lot over the next few weeks, I should be able to get some things done now!

Yippee! We got our $6041 settlement from the lady behind us yesterday! In August 2003, she felt she had the right to cut down all of our trees in our backyard...Uh, not quite! So, finally, her insurance agreed to pay-out on our estimate from several landscapers and not go to court. Yeah! We can finally fix up the backyard a bit!

...And, I keep feeling like I am getting period-like cramps... Sure hoping that it is just that and my next cycle will be starting on it's own. It would be so nice to get a new cycle without having to take Provera again!

Things are starting to look a bit "up" right now... Here's hoping it stays that way! I think we're due for some good things to come our way...

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