Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The power of Numbers??

So, today - finally, after feeling PMS-y for almost 2 weeks! - The Red Storm arrived.


But, I really need to know what is the power of this number:


All of the past thee cycles have been 77 days... Three cycles... 77 days...

Any takers on this?

Am I supposed to take this as July, 2007 = a start to TTC again? Or, July 7 as an ovulation date? Or, go back to the "777" as "God's Number" - three times 77 appearing? What? It has GOT to mean something - other than this being "my regular cycle"!


Adrienne said...

I'd go for the sign that July 2007 is your lucky month!

Amy said...

Wow...I have no clue, but I would say that the same thing that Adrienne said. July 2007 - lots of baby wishes going your way.

Jessica said...

Sorry for being a slacker on reading up. Anyway 7/7/7 was gonna be my brothers wedding date, but they couldn't find a decent place that wasn't already booked, so they nixed that idea. But anyway I hope that July 07 brings you many blessings. I will say some prayers for ya.