Friday, March 02, 2007

Christopher Fridays: Train Spotting and Dolphin Jumping

Since I missed last Friday's Christopher Friday post, I will give you a double-shot post and let you know what Chris is up to (other than the hacking cough from his latest cold).

Dolphin Jumping:

Chris has a new best friend....

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Chris has never really been attached to anything (except for his bink, which even that is starting to go away a bit now) until last week. Once morning, he came out of his room and walked over to where we keep his bath toys. He picked up his dolphin water squirter, which my MIL bought on vacation in 2005, and said, "Oh, Hiiiii!!!" and it has been his pal ever since.

Dolphin must go on car rides, play trains, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with Chris. Dolphin must go to bed and nap with Chris. Dolphin must go on the potty with Chris. About the only place Dolphin does not go is nursery school. Of all the things Chris has, he had to pick a $3 water squirter from the Point Pleasant Aquarium! Who knew???

....Guess he gets his "low maintenance" from me. :)

Train Spotting:

On Wednesday, in honor of it being my last official work from home day, I decided to play "hookie" a bit in the late afternoon. E and I have been trying to get the boys to play together once a week (Matthew has a little bit of a "sharing" issue - he doesn't want to share at all, so she is trying to break that with play dates), so we decided to take Chris and Matthew over to the train station to watch the trains. The weather was too nice to stay inside anyway.

Matthew watches the trains often since J takes the train into NYC for work - but this was Chris' first time up on the train platform. This pic is a sample pic of the platform - the one we went to has the trains pass East and West from either side, so you are right in the middle of the trains passing:

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Chris was in absolute awe of the trains! He and Matthew sat there with their cookies, trying to spot the next rain coming. It was so much fun to watch them with such wonder and amazement.

Chris would say to me, "Look! It's a nice train!" ever time he saw a new one coming. He loved when they stopped and he watched some people come off the train and other people board it. And, better than just watching one train was seeing two trains passing in the opposite directions at high speed!

It was great to watch Chris have so much fun...and I have a feeling we will be spending many nights there during the spring and summer. I am sure I will have many pics to share!

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Jessica said...

Awww so cute that he likes the train. And funny about the dolphin, it is a cute one though.
ME just started to become attached to her little lamb (funny that her name is Mary too) but she only needs it at night. hehe.