Monday, March 19, 2007

High-Fat Dairy Intake Reduces Risk for Anovulatory Infertility

So, did any of you see the story:

High-Fat Dairy Intake Reduces Risk for Anovulatory Infertility

Hummm... This new study indicates that women who are trying to conceive may improve their chances of pregnancy by eating two servings of high-fat foods, specifically high-fat dairy products like whole milk, ice cream made from whole milk, yogert made from whole milk etc. The high dairy fats allegedly improve ovulatory function.

Well, nooooow! Since that is my problem - uh, like I pretty much don't ovulate at all - I say sign me up! Heehee!

Seriously, though - after reading the information in the study (a very long-term study with thousands of women), it makes you wonder if they could be right.

When we decided it was time to start TTC #1, I made it a point to start eating healthier - taking my vitamins, eating lower-fat foods (including 1% milk - just couldn't do the skim milk!), eating a more well-balanced diet, staying away from things like ice cream on a daily basis (as a treat, sure! Just not every day). And, 5 years after that fateful decision to start TTC #1, here is a study stating that dairy fat may improve ovulatory function! Who knew?!?!

Now, the recommendations are within moderation of course - 1-2 servings of whole milk products per day (not at every meal). Sounds reasonable, right? But, when you are used to eating a certain way for 5+ years, it is hard to reintroduce the higher-fat products back in!

So, here is my little medical experiment for the coming months, as we correct my thyroid issues and I have play with some wiggle room in the weight department: We bought whole milk for the cereal I eat every morning... We bought Rocky Road ice-cream, whole milk cottage cheese and whole milk mozzarella cheese (cut into sticks) to alternate on for the second serving... The Red Storm is coming - I can feel her approach like people can feel the onset of a large hurricaine. I am going to reintroduce these two servings of high-fat dairy products into my diet every day and see if my cycles become shorter...and if there is any possibility of an ovulation.

Will report as I see fit!

...Ah, what better means to enjoy Rocky Road ice-cream, right?


DIanne said...

sounds good to me- sign me up too!! good luck!

Manuela said...

Yah, I DID see that! I've already got the high-fat dairy front covered with my addiction to cheeeeeese.... mmmmmm.....