Thursday, March 15, 2007

I think I'm turning Hypothyroid... Yes, I really think so!

By some miracle, Labcorp sent the thyroid panel I had done late Tuesday afternoon to my GP by yesterday morning! Not sure how that happened - once in a lifetime event, I suppose. Usually it takes their slow-asses at least a week to get the results over...

Anyways, so, here are the new numbers (given over the phone by a receptionist who couldn't tell me which was the T3 reading and which was the T4 reading - so, of course I requested hard copies to be sent and there very well may be changes to make to the results list. I will edit the post as needed when I get the copies):

  • from July 15, 2006: 2.555
  • from August 15, 2006: 1.964
  • from September 22, 2006: 2.012
  • from October 27, 2006: 2.204
  • from December 4: 2.405
  • from March 13, 2007: 3.2
  • Average range limits: 0.350-5.500
  • from July 15, 2006: Not run
  • from August 15, 2006: 26
  • from September 22, 2006: 24
  • from October 27, 2006: 33
  • from December 4: (have to break out my results for this)
  • from March 13, 2007: 129 (this is the result I am questioning - it may only be 29)
  • Average range limits: 24-39
  • from July 15, 2006: 12.1
  • from August 15, 2006: 13.6
  • from September 22, 2006: 7.2
  • from October 27, 2006: 7.1
  • from December 4: (have to break out my results for this)
  • from March 13, 2007: 6.7
  • Average range limits: 4.5-12.0
Free T4:
  • from July 15, 2006: not run
  • from August 15, 2006: 3.5
  • from September 22, 2006: 1.07
  • from October 27, 2006: 2.3
  • from December 4: (have to break out my results for this)
  • from March 13, 2007: not run
  • Average range limits: 1.2-4.9
Now, the receptionist said Dr. McC was informing me that the numbers are all normal - however, I know when I go see Dr. S next week, she is going to disagree with that. She uses the 3.0 TSH reading as the signal for Hypothyroid - obviously, I am over that now. So, I know I will be starting meds next week. And, I am fine with that - I knew I would anyway if my TSH wasn't below 2.0. Maybe I can finally get rid of this linguring fatigue, achiness and constant sore throat, foggy brain, constantly feeling cold when it is not cold at all and other stuff: all signs of a thyroid problem. And, if I am lucky, some of the anxiety may go with it too. Horray!

Will post most updates about this next week after seeing Dr. S on March 23rd. Until then, I promise I will post the "injury" pics from yesterday - I modeled them for DH last night, but I was too whiped to bother saving the pics to Photobucket and post them. Will do that tonight!


Adrienne said...

I'm hypothyroid - ever since Max. I highly recommend Armour thyroid (a natural thyroid replacement), not that synthetic crap (yes, I said crap - every one I tried adjusted my TSH, but left everything else out of whack). You really will feel so much better once they get your levels right! (But I see that you already know alot about this stuff, so you probably know that already!)

Dianne said...

ok, my 3rd attempt to post a comment! I dont know what all the numbers mean but they look like they are in the range you gave! Glad things are being worked out. Keep us posted about your apt this week :) GoOD LUCK!

Jessica said...

Ever since ME, I'm also hypothyroid. Synthroid took it down real quick. But I soooo hate taking meds.
Where's the injury pics?