Friday, March 16, 2007

Christopher Fridays: Nursery Schools and Songs

Remember Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show??? Remember Skinnamarink???

Well, Christopher has been singing and doing the movements to the Skinnamarink song for a week now and we have been trying to figure out where it was coming from. Found out last night when I talked to Chris' teacher at the nursery school...

They have been singing "winter songs" every day - which Skinnamarink is part of the winter arsonnal - to make way for spring and songs they sing in the spring.

Which leaves us with Chris' special "performances" of Skinnamarink every day - sometimes the adults are allowed to participate, most of the time Chris is the performer and we have to clap for him when he is done.

He is just too cute - and is yet another domonstration of how much like Hubby he is!

Chris is doing very well in nursery school, despite his crying fits when getting his coat on at my mom's house. He is playing with the other kids now, and had Flag Duty this week (all of the kids have a "job" each week - last week, Chris carried the soap pumps to the bathroom for wash-up time before snack). He is adjusting well to the schedule of the day...finally.

I was concerned about him crying at my mom's house before going over - but the teacher assured me that if she saw a real problem, she would have called me by now. She was glad, though, that I called - not many parents do that anymore and she said it was very refreshing to see a parent want to be involved. How sad is that? I am in the minority now of parent involvement...

We will be taking video clips over the weekend so we can share his musical entertainment of Skinnamarink, Iron Man, My Sharona, and more!

...Also, watch for some St. Patrick's Day pics of Chris tomorrow from the parade we went to last week! There are some cuties in there!


Dana said...

I loved Skinnamarink when I worked in daycare. I'll have to teach the boys! Can't wait to see the Chris video!

Jessica said...

Oh Lord the "Skinnamarink" I did that a lot when I was a nanny for 3 1/2 years. I'm so Skinnamarink-ed out.

Glad he is doing well at nursery school. I'm certain the crying is quite normal. And yes, it's so very sad that parent involvment is not the norm.

Val said...

Oh the silly songs - and the instructions that accompany them. At our house it is "no mommy. I sing it. You be quiet." And I had no idea that there was a farmer that had a dog, cat, chicken, rat and duck named E I C N O - I always thought it was 1 dog named B I N G O - but what do I know - LOL