Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Earth to my Body: What the hell are you doing???

Had my faboo Annual Exam yesterday with Dr. D. WoooHooo! (okay, not really...).

First, Dr. D didn't even recognize me in the office when I walked past him with Kathy (his lead nurse) - guess my face has thinned out so much since March, that it has changed my features a bit. He was very glad to see I was looking good, dropped the weight and am emotionally doing much better (well, for the most part anyway). He said he was rather worried about how I was holding up after this past year, and was glad to see that I am doing well.

After our standard hello's, we started the exam (did I mention how much I love these exams??) While he was doing the breast exam, he said "Uh, you have a lot of tissue here... Let me check the other side." He checks the other boob and says, "Humm, it's the same here too. Is this normal for you?" I responded, "Heck yeah! Especially when I have gone over two months without a period!" Haahhaa! So, I told him, "Come across with that Provera, Tommy!" That gave him a good chuckle! After telling him that, yes, in fact I took two pregnancy tests almost 2 weeks apart to confirm I wasn't pregnant, he gave me the script.

Then, we were on to the rest of the exam (confirming I still have that one pesty fibroid in there...) and of course, he has to give you the requisite "You may have some spotting from the PAP test."

SPOTTING, you say??? Uh, how about I needed to put on a thin pad yesterday...and I have to wear one now. Here is where NASA needs to start communicating with my body: I can't figure out if this is just spotting from the PAP test, or if I may actually be finally getting my period (on my own) because his poking and prodding got things moving? Do I take the Provera now, since I couldn't get it filled last night? Or, do I wait and see what the hell my hormones are planning on doing here and if I get my period on my own?

You'd think I would know what my body does in 33 years... NOT!!! I hate this.

...Now, I am a bit crabby these past days, been having problems sleeping, I have been peeing like a race-horse, and my boobs are spilling out of the new faboo bras Hubby bought me a few weeks back: All signs of my favorite visitor. But, it would be nice if she would just unpack her bags already and move in for a while. Arggh! The wait is agonizing!

Anyways, for some general medical updates:

  • Dr. D wants Dr. S (the endocrinologist) to do the repeat thyroid b/w - he feels she is nickle and diming the 2.0 TSH number a bit (see post: Update to "...Lets keep the good news a'rollin' in!" for the thyroid background info). But, to calm my nerves a bit, he will default to her on what she would prefer my levels to be before TTC in January. So, I called Dr. S's office this morning and they are sending me the lab slips in the mail for the November, December and January tests.
  • I also called Dr. W at the MFM clinic and was instructed to have Dr. D re-run the homocysteine levels in November. So, I have to call Lee for that later this afternoon... Since we are going to drop in and see Dr. D on Monday after Chris' pediatrician appointment (that is, of couse, if we all survive the appointment since Chris HATES the pediatrician - I don't think it's personal...he just knows that there is poking and prodding involved. Smart kid!), I am going to see if he can do the b/w on Monday. It's two days shy of November, but who cares, right? Would be nice to know if the Folgard is working!
  • I told Hubby last night that if he doesn't get a hold of Dr. McC's office today and get an appointment scheduled to see the more experienced gastro doc, I am going to hang him by his nails on the laundry line outside (okay, not really....). Dr. D does not want me TTC until I can finally get my stomach issues under control - which they are for the most part, but only on Librax (a Category C drug and cannot be used during pregnancy). So, I need to get over this one last hurdle before we can set our sights on TTC again. And I want it resolved months ago!
  • Hubby and I will be having our consultation pow-wow with Dr. D on November 13th to see what the next protocol will be...provided my stomach issues are resolved.

Dr. D said it is a good thing I lost those 30-35 pounds... He's estimating that after spending money on a new Size 10 wardrobe for the fall/winter, I will need a new maternity wardrobe in the next year! (which, btw, is exactly what I did before I conceived Chris...maybe I should put a little more stock in his way of thinking...).

I am so glad that he is very optomistic about this - he is planning on seeing me way more in the coming year because he's determined more than ever to get me through a successful pregnancy. I just wish I was as confident about it as he is...

*** ETA: Well, since my body feels like playing games on me... After taking my first Provera pill last night, guess what??? My visitor decided to unpack her bags today. Man, did I feel like a moron calling up Dr. D to ask if I have to keep taking the pills or not! It's no wonder my day has been sucky already! ***

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Joy said...

So, the witch arrived???? Glad your appt went so well and things are moving along.