Friday, October 13, 2006

There must be 50 ways to BBQ your Mother-in-Law

Uh....I have a job, right? Sure I do! I'm here right now posting to my blog (oops!)!

...But, apparently some people in the family forget that in order for me to get paid and have the super-nifty health insurance (which covers 100% of all infertility stuff - YEAH!), I actually HAVE TO DO THAT JOB!!!

My MIL has called me about 3-4 times already here at work...and it's just 10:30 am! Nothing about Chris....all about Suzi's wedding shower tomorrow...

Can you bring home thumbtacks?

Can you get wrapping paper? I need lots! Have to wrap everything.

We need 2 cards... No, 3 cards. No, 2 cards. Sorry. Forgot we went in on a gift.

I forgot to order a corsage... Crap. Should I call now? What should I get? Daisy's?

Shoot me now!

When I remind her I have a job...and some deadlines due today...I get: Oh, I just wanted to get your opinion.

Oi! I gotta get away from my phone!

Hey, it's not my problem Suzi's wedding shower (and wedding) is rushed. If she had not gotten herself knocked-up, then none of this would be a rush, right?

I want her shower to be perfect, she says.

Well, it can't be when you are planning a shower in less than 4 weeks. ...Or, a wedding in less than 8 weeks for that matter! Things have to get cut....and all 55 people you invited to the shower are not going to be able to make it - they probably had plans set in place weeks or months ago. Don't bitch over only having 24 people attending the shower... If people had known they were getting married, say last year?, more people would have been able to come.

Is it Sunday yet????? Where's my Calgon????

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