Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now, what the hell is wrong with me?

Finally, my horror-mones and moods seem to be in check, I have really stuck with my eating habits and exercise routine, and I am in counseling...

NOW I am having some crazy gastro issues.

Sheesh! This is insane. Since about May 20th, every time I eat something, I get so bloated (I don't look bloated, but I feel like a whale and it's right across by bra-line - how fun!), feel like my food is in my throat shortly after I eat (which is forcing me to sleep on the couch for some sort of comfort at night - poor Hubby! Just when he thought I was back...), strong heartburn - I have NEVER had this before! The only thing different since this started was taking the Lorazepam...which is making me wonder if the Lorazepam is doing something not-so-good while it does help me sleep so well... Waiting patiently for my GP's office to call since I am just so darned uncomfortable - and I am getting moody from that now.

...And, still no word on the recurrent loss testing... I was hoping not to have to nag the office, but I suppose I will have to now...

Through all of this, though, I am still not too "down." I kinda like the change - I am a bit moody again, but not flying off the handle... Nice change!

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Jessica said...

Argh!!! I am so sorry you gotta deal with all this uncomfort and then on top of it still being uncertain what's going on with the testing.

I need some tips on not 'flying off the handle'