Friday, June 02, 2006

Another one of my blessings: My bosses

It's been a while since I made an entry about one of my blessings... Guess I have been a little preoccupied with other things and forgot what part of this blog was supposed to be about.

Anyways, here is goes...

My bosses, whom I have known now for 10 years (I worked here as a temp from 6/96-10/96, then left for the insurance biz and came back in 8/98) and they have seen me grow from a college grad to a wife to a mother and to a mother of many angels, are some of the best people a person could hope to work for. Sure, we have our moments where we get aggrivated with each other or just plained's like a "marriage" of sorts. But, in the end, they care about what is going on and are willing to give the time off (some not even docks from sick or vacation time) for personal needs.

I had a long talk this morning with my Center Admin about how things were going and the next round of doctors' appointments coming up. I told her about the counseling sessions, the meds I am on, and my current ailments...and she said that she was glad to see I was taking the time to do all of this and deal with hurts of the past 6 months. They were starting to worry about me because I just haven't been myself in a long time and I really need to take the time to heal. She also said that is must have not been easy to deal with everything while we have been so pressured with things to do here at, she understands my need for time. All of the time off is cleared... My bosses confide in me about things too (like, when my Director's son was diagnosed with testicular cancer in high school) - so, it is a nice trade-off.

Every time I start to complain about the long commute and the heavy workload, I always think back to my old job - we only had 3 sick days and 5 vacation days in a year. They would never have been this understanding of the need to time...and I probably would have been let go in the end. I have been very blessed to work for very understanding people - they are family oriented, and I think it hurts them to see the struggles we are going through right now.

If I have to work when my Chris is young, guess this is the best place to do it!

....Now, on to doing my work...

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Jessica said...

I understand what you mean. I hate my job, I love my job. They are so understanding with me taking time off for my million and a half appts, heck I don't even tell him when they are anymore- I just off and go. But it is such a blessing (add it to your list) that you have a job like that. :)