Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Upper GI update

Had my Upper GI scope done yesterday... Wasn't all that bad, except for the minor stomach cramps from where the biopsies were taken (standard stuff for an Upper GI scope).

So far, I have inflamation in my esophogus and several areas of my stomach... Until the biopsies are back on Monday (which I have to call for), I am to stay on the Aciphex once a day and watch what I am eating. Depending on the test results on Monday, I may still have to go for a scan of the gallbladder to rule that out as a complication.

Yet again, I wait. Tummy has not been too bad today...but not going to talk to soon either!

Dr. R did promise me yesterday that he would make sure my file with Dr. D's bloodwork in it is placed on Dr. M's chair to review the MTHFR results... He understands I need to get that moving for TTC purposes, so he will leave it with a note to go through it.

Wait some more....

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