Monday, June 26, 2006

A Child's Goodby

Below is the poem I have on my angel's memory box. It is so special to us, especially in light of my edd tomorrow...
A Child’s Goodbye
Hooray! A brother or sister for me.
A new baby to add to the family.
A brother to play ball, A sister and her doll.
We will be a happy family.
One day, Mom and Dad have tears,
I watch them with fear.
They give me a hug and kiss,
Our baby-to-be they miss.
My brother or sister one day
An angel now has flown away.
Our angel we love,
Was called by God up above.
With Mom and Dad, I too am sad,
This is something so bad.
Not an angel did we seek
But a person for us to meet.
One day when God calls me
My angel sibling I will see.
For now I know she is happy to be
A member of God’s Angel family!

By Colleen Berry


dawn said...

That is beautiful!

Jessica said...

I love this poem and the poem below. My prayers are with you during this time. I could only imagine how hard this must be.


Joy said...

Thinking of you, Tina. Hugs