Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Does anyone have a spare marshmallow?

Now that my quarterly visits from AF are temporarily turning into monthly visits (thank you, blessed BCPs!), I just realized today that I am out of marshmallows!

...Marshmallows, in DH's family, mean maxi pads...

I just gave myself a little chuckle this afternoon over this because, quite frankly, this is usually never an issue for me! When you only get your AF every 3-4 months, maxi pads usually get stockpiled under the vanity, and occasionally knocked over by DH. How odd for me to be worrying about maxi pads and Midol!

...Off to Walgreens I go!


mossyclog said...

Marshmallos! That had me LOL. At first I thought it would be an AF craving. I always refer to the pads as "matresses."

...although now...all this thinking about marshmallos has me wanting some...but I like 'em toasted. Maybe smores will be on today's lunch menu! :)

Joy said...

Add a daughter to the picture and your "marshmellow" bill skyrockets b/c she doesn't use "corks" yet!! Spent $50 at Costco on female products for the two of us. Sheesh.

Glad you GET to worry about this now and keep better track of your inventory. tee hee.

Jessica said...

LOL I was confused at first, thats a funny term for it. haha.