Friday, January 26, 2007

Christopher Fridays: The Gift?

Today's new Christopher Friday post was going to originally be about "Christopher, the Sleeping Tornado," but I decided to delay it by a week to give you a little bit of a more "freaky" post - especially if you believe in ESP, psychic abilities, etc.

Let me start with a little background explanation into the history of Hubby's family...

Hubby's aunt (Cookoo), great-grandmother (Nanny, who I never met because she passed several years before I met Hubby) and my MIL all seem to have a keen sense of people's personalities and things that will happen in the future. They don't "see" events per se, but just get strange feelings about a person and will say "Don't go here today" or "Watch for [XYZ] to happen." And, they are almost always right....which is a very odd feeling when it happens. As an example, Cookoo told a close friend not to drive the woman's son to a basketball game on a particular day many years ago - or, if this woman had to drive him, take a different route: Good thing she said it, because there was a fatal crash in that area right at the time this woman would have been travelling there. Also, Cookoo had said to me many years ago that she knew how many children I would have - and she felt so correct about it, she wrote a letter, dated prior to my PG with Chris, for me to open long after I am out of childbearing years. She wrote this letter before I started any IF treatments - before she knew I was seeing the doc about any problems. I sure would love to read that letter right now...

Now, I am not a real believer in this stuff.... I am not putting stock in the Boardwalk Psychic's predictions from our vacation in September 2006. I don't fully believe that John Edwards could always see what he says saw when he was on Oprah. But....there are some things you just can't ignore or explain away as coincidence.

....Which leads me to today's Christopher Friday post.

We own a very old house - it is over 100 years old and is so old that the original gas pipes for lighting can still be found within the walls that have not been replaced with sheetrock. In this house, the heating is still done by those old, monsterous cast-iron radiators, one of which stands right behind our front door. My FIL built out of wood and metal screening a radiator cover for that particular radiator, so that Chris would not touch the radiator in the winter and burn himself. Eventually, my FIL will make more of them for the other radiators - but this one was essential because it is so open and accessible.

Anyways, since the cover "finishes" the room off very well, we have placed several knick-knacks on top of it - pictures, my Hallmark Heart of Motherhood stand, Chris' baby monitor for when he is sleeping in his room, etc. One of the pictures we have on the cover is of a friend of Hubby's, whom Hubby met at his old job with the State in Newark, on his wedding day in September 2005.

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A is an ex-Marine (stationed in Moscow when we were in high school!) and put himself through law school much later in life - he is very well off now, owning several apartment buildings in Northern NJ that he refurbished himself (well, with some help of contractors, but he had his hands in it). Although he is about 44 years old, he is very young at heart, a real charmer, funny, good looking (okay, a hottie if you really want to know) and a good friend. He married Y, a woman about my age from the Ukraine - tall, beautiful, very sweet. When Chris met her before they got married, he took to her right away.

This picture of them at their wedding has been sitting in the same spot since October 2005, when we got the Thank You card from their wedding. One of the favors from the wedding was a small frame, I guess eventually to be used with the pic included in the card. So, that is what we did - we put the pic in the frame and placed it in that spot.

All of this time, Chris has never bothered with anything on that radiator cover - he sometimes likes to play with the screening that lets the heat out (which we, of course, tell him not to touch!), but otherwise he leaves everything on the tables in the house and this radiator cover alone.

Until the past weekend.

Starting on Saturday, he kept going up to the radiator cover and grabbing this picture - and this picture only - and bringing it to me, saying "Mommy? Daddy?" "Mommy? Daddy?" "Mommy? Daddy?"

Now, we our wall that his radiator cover is on is plastered with pics of Chris and us, including our wedding picture, for all to see coming in the door. There are HUGE differences in the pictures of us (specifically, our wedding picture, which is about an 8"x10" pic and hangs on the wall) and A&Y's wedding pic:

In our wedding pic from October 1998, it was taken inside the chapel on the alter. I am blonde, hair down with bangs, a cream color gown, short sleeves, full veil. Hubby is shorter (not short, just not nearly as tall as A) and stocky with blonde hair.

Y&T's pic was taken outside by the lake at the reception hall, on a very warm September 2005 day. Y has almost jet-black hair, pulled up and away from her face, white strapples gown, veil in the back far away from her face. A is very tall, slim and darker brown hair.

There is just no confusing the pics really for anyone.

So, this kept happening several times a day through Wednesday night. After seeing him do this every day, several times a day - and only to this picture - I asked Hubby to call A and ask him if Y was expecting. We knew that they were going to start TTC after their wedding, although she delayed that a bit because she had to study to become a US citizen, and wanted to wait a while to TTC until she was an official US Citizen.


She is very much expecting, due in July 2007!

Once Hubby told us the news early last night, Chris stopped grabbing that picture and saying "Mommy? Daddy?" He walks right by it without a care.

...So, you be the judge of whether he has a special gift...


The Town Criers said...

AAAAAAAAAH!!! That was a freaky story :-) Congratulations to your friend.

cat said...

As you already know I do believe in that "stuff" and think it's quite interesting that he made this connection and received that information so clearly at such a young age. Some people believe that children are more connected to the universe than adults or rather that we "learn" to be disconnected and to unhear what the world has to tell us.

It is a beautiful thing if he can connect like that, I hope you nurture his sight both inside and out.

Congrats to your friends too! :)