Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hello??? Body??? What the hell are you doing now??? And, moody rant to boot!

Okay... I am making a concerted effort NOT to chart - Anything. Nothing. Except for AF and meds on the AF days.

So, why? Why, oh why, stupid body, are you deciding to give me cramps and spotting on CD 19, 20 and 21?? What the hell are you up to?? Can't you give me a break already and do what you are supposed to do? Just give me a somewhat normal cycle and call it a day? Can't you just be nice for once?

Of course, along with the spotting is my lovely PMS backache and some moodiness... Not really anxiety moodiness, but moodiness for moodiness' sake. Lovely.

...The moodiness is so bad, that I actually told my MIL last night to not talk behind my back when it concerns things with Christopher. Uh, if I am in the bathroom with Christopher trying to do a potty session, I can hear you wispering to Hubby from the kitchen - and I can hear what you are saying! Ooops! Did I mean to say that???? HeeeHeee!

We are having an on-going disagreement on how to handle Christopher's "hand-flapping," which he has done for a long time, and only when he is excited (like, when his Thomas trains are moving around the blue track set - they are moterized). We don't want him to look like a weird-o in school, so we are trying to stop it now.

My feeling on it is that he needs adjectives to describe the excited feelings he has - which he can't yet express in words. So, when he does the hand-flapping, I take a hold of his hands and say to him, "No flapping. Say "Cool!" "Awesome!" "Fantastic!" ____ insert another adjective here." He is responding well to it when I am consistent, and when he says an adjective, he stops the flapping.

Pretty straight-forward actions, right? Apparently not.

My MIL feels that we should tell him to stop - repeatedly, with no explanation as to why he shouldn't flap. She is not listening to me on the WHY he is doing it in the first place and will not acknowedge that my solution (which is the MOMMY'S solution, after all. Remember, I am the MOMMY here!) may be the better route (uh, Hubby and my FIL agree with me, by the way).

So, when she decided to whisper to Hubby last night that what I was saying was wrong and that her way was the right way, I had to assert myself and make my point clear: 1) I won't be talked about behind my back, especially when I can hear you doing it and 2) there may be a better solution to this than just saying "no," which has NOT worked at all up to this point.

I HATE, HATE, HATE when people do that - and now that I am learning not put myself and my feelings on the back-burner, I am going to assert myself when I feel I need to....which was last night. She was kinda shocked that I did that - as was everyone else. But, hey, I didn't start counseling, meds and restructuring my life to only go half way with it, right?

Anyone have any ideas on the hand-flapping thing?? I am open to suggestions...although my MIL is not.


The Town Criers said...

Okay--the only opinions that count AT ALL are the Mommy and Daddy's opinions...

We had a twirling thing that they did in excitement--hands and feet went twirling as they played with toys. It stopped on its own when they learned other ways to express themselves. Other movements have not--like my son's hair twirling he does when he's anxious.

One parenting book author (I can't remember which one) talks about how unless these tics are affecting another child (e.g. twirling their hair instead of his own), you should just let it go because they tend to grow out of them regardless. But...that's just one parenting book author and you're the Mommy--you make the decision.

dawn said...

Kudos to standing up to your MIL. I only wish I had the same ability I till let her walk all over me.