Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I think my body is in league with the Devil..and Dad's surgery today

...Guess who is showing up today??

Ah! You guuuuuueeeeessed it!

Yep! My quarterly visitor... The Red Storm. The Red River. AKA: My Period.

She started making her presence known Saturday night, very stealthfully...although, since I don't get it that frequently on my own, my period usually starts off as a question mark. First, the waking up at night (despite my friend Xanex). Then, the bloating. Then, the want for chocolate (no, I didn't really indulge yet). Then, the snappies at people (despite my new-found calm...guess Lexapro can't work on everything, right??). Spotting came yesterday (just in time to leave work)... Now, I have the slow start today.

It figures it would show up now - giving me HUGE rasberries while I sit here and think I could have been starting Clomid this week. If only it had not been for the uproar of my stomach last year and all of the events of December. If our plan had stuck in place, I would bet all of you $1000 that AF would not have shown unless threatened by Provera.

Well, at least my 1st and 2nd cycles off the BCP's were both 77 days. If my body keeps this up (a cycle is a cycle, even it it's on the quarterly plan, right?), and my stomach continues to stay calmed down with the Lexapro (and Dr. D agrees to let me TTC while on Lexapro), then maybe - just maybe - by the end of March, AF will show up again. ...Just in time to meet with the endocrinologist to start TSH lowering meds and think about getting my feet wet in the TTC world again.

...No, I am not really making plans... Just hoping God, Lady Luck and Mr. Murphy (of Murphy's Law, of course) will be a little kinder to us in 2007.

*** BTW: Today is my dad's hip replacement surgery. I am not there today - I am working from home, waiting for news. Surgery was to start around 10 am.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that everything goes well. It is going to be a 3 month recovery.

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