Friday, July 28, 2006

Am I grasping at straws here?

Hubby and I, along with our in-laws, took Chris down to the Jersey short for the day yesterday, since Hubby's aunt (Cookoo for reference here - long story on the name, but is such a great person!) and uncle (Tio) were renting a place for the week. We had a great time...lots of sun, pooling and boardwalking with Chris. We won him his own little guitar (mini version of Hubby's) on the boards and he's been strumming it ever since.

Here is where the trip gets a little bit interesting:

There is a psychic down on the boardwalk that Cookoo (and Hubby by extension) has gone to for years and, despite the hoopla of psychics, is VERY accurate. Dianna is her name. Cookoo talked my MIL into going to see her yesterday while we were on the boardwalk because my FIL has had a rough go with his health for a long time. MIL spent about 20 minutes with this Dianna and, among things directly associated to my MIL, Dianne described my situation to a "T" without my MIL even saying a word to her before hand.

Dianna told her that her daughter (she knew my MIL referred to me as daughter not daughter-in-law) had a healthy and happy son, but is going through a very hard time right now due to three recent miscarriages. She said I was going through a round of situational depression and therapy because of the miscarriages, and a whole bunch of medical issues have come up since the last miscarriage, which is making me question whether TTC will just be put on hold or if we will not longer try again.

Dianna told my MIL that, without a doubt, she will be a grandma again to 2 more children. Since Hubby is an only, that would mean these two grandchildren would be our children. Dianna was very exact and matter-of-fact about the news.

My MIL wasn't sure if she wanted to tell me or not, but decided that she should. Not sure if this is helping me or not, but considering my MIL did not lead Dianna on with ANY information, Dianna just knew TOO MUCH for her predictions not to be wrong.

Hubby later went to Dianna for a reading (the last time he was there was in 1999), but I don't think she made the connection to my MIL because Hubby really favors my FIL in looks and he didn't let on to anything either. Dianna told hom the same information and added to him that I need to let the pain go and work on getting physically better...and, come December/January, return to TTC again with a clear head. Fits right into my time frame, considering we were taking a break until January anyway. He did not tell her that until after she said it first.

Despite this coming from a boardwalk psychic, Dianna was just too accurate with when things happened. How could she have known? She didn't suggest things and get my MIL or Hubby to answer for her - she just said it outright, so there has to be something real going on with her predictions.

I plan to go see her myself in early September, when we are on vacation for the week. I didn't want to "contaminate" the situation by going myself on the same day as my MIL and Hubby. So, it will be interesting to see what she says to me in 5 weeks...

Of course, I can't allow myself to dwell on this or expect this will be the outcome...but it really does make you wonder about how this will all work out in the end. Guess we will just have to wait to see what the future brings...


Joy said...

That is strange, Tina! It will be interesting to see what she says when you go in Sept. I pray that she is right!!!!

ilyse said...

Wow that is amazing! I pray her predictions come true!