Friday, July 14, 2006

2006 - The Year of the Ongoing Medical Adventures

I finally received back from Dr. R (the upper GI guy) the results of my abdominal ultrasound on Wednesday... My gallbladder - the whole reason for this ultrasound - is 100% a-okay. But....and, of course, there is a "but" ...the ultrasound showed a dilation of the bile duct and that both of my kidneys are enlarged. "Probably nothing, but let's check a CAT scan and bloodwork," he says.

So, I am off for another bloodletting tomorrow morning...thank goodness LabCorp has Saturday hours so I don't have to take MORE time off for this medical crap this year!

Then, I am off for the lovely CAT scan on Thursday, July 20th (8 am, of course - the earlier, the better for me!). They will be doing a scan of both the abdomen and pelvis, through IV injection and PO solution - yippee! At least I don't have to fast more than 4 hours and I can still drink clear liquids.

On another medical matter, I made that appointment with the MFM clinic for August 28th at 3:30 pm (first available - but I was warned by Dr. D's office that there would be a wait for a pre-conception consultation, which is fine since I have these other possible issues to deal with now). Although I have to wait for the appointment, the clinic is quick! I already received the paperwork to complete before the appointment! Amazing! And, they said they would call Dr. D's office for the records they need - no need for me to do anything else other than get the referral and complete the paperwork.

So, I have more worry...and some hope. I just want to get off this stupid medical rollercoaster already. It's been non-stop since January (okay, really November, but who's counting now???). I used to be HEALTHY. I eat right, take my vitamins and exercise (okay, exercise was recently added to the mix, but I am not a couch potato either)... What the heck happened? I never used to have to deal with ongoing tests and such. Can we fastforward to January? I just want this year to end already. I am really getting tired of the poking and prodding...unless it is for a healthy pregnancy, then it's worth it!


dawn said...

Good luck with all the appointments and I hope you get some answers soon!

Jessica said...

I hope their are good results and I know what you mean. Once upon a time I hardly ever went to the dr. Sigh- it sucks, hopefully worth it in the end.

ilyse said...

I know what you mean too about all the appointments and such. It sucks but hopefully it will be all worth it in the end.