Monday, July 10, 2006

PMS Beotch Session

Okay....AF is almost here for a visit this week, and she is making her appearance known quite well today. But, I can't complain since, really, because usually by July I only have had her visit about 1-2 times! So, I'll take her in for a while as long as it means she will leave the place in better shape than she found it at her arrival.

Anyways, I feel a PMS Bitch session coming on and, to save my Hubby from it since he had absorbed the brunt of the bitch sessions lately, I will start it here. Enjoy the ranting - this should be fun to read in a few months!

  1. I am sooooo pissed off with my doc's office - not my ob/gyn but my GP. It has been 4 FREAKIN weeks since Dr. D faxed over my MTHFR bloodwork to his office and I have not even had one freakin phone call returned about it. Hubby called and left a nastygram with his answering service last night because HE has had it too. Okay, I am not on my deathbed here, but 4 weeks???
  2. While we are speaking of doctors, I am sooooo tired of this GERD crap. Every day is an adventure - some days are okay, but then the next I am tasting in the morning what I ate last night for dinner. All I want to do is eat a whole order of Mozzarella sticks with gravy (or, marinara sauce) without being in agony... NOT to mention I want my "personal time" with Hubby back because, how can you DTD while you feel like your dinner is in your throat?
  3. And, to continue the medical crap - how about inheriting a treadmill that works! The weather has been so crappy, I haven't been able to go out and walk. So, my IL's give us their treadmill with the replacement part for the track - what they fail to tell us is that it is downright impossible to fix it without something to pry back the tension springs. Uh, neither of us have Superman's strength here! Now, I have a crappy piece of furniture collecting dust in the spare room...and I feel like I am gaining my 25 pounds back! Crap!
  4. I have had it with our friends J&E, well, for a variety of reasons. Mostly surrounding their son - our godson. M is only 3 years old, and they allow him to go into a 5 foot swimming pool with no floatation device of ANY KIND on last weekend! WTF? Hubby told me E was also going to set it up for M to intentionally screw up an evaluation so he couldn't attend a specific preschool program that the school district has. WTF? Are they insane?
  5. My father is a complete boob! I didn't realize that sprained ankles are inevitable.... I thought they were consequences of a FALL! Idiot! So, now my mom has him home for 2 weeks (one week home with the freakin ankle and another week with vacation) and she wants to toss him out on his ear. Personally, I think there may be something medically wrong with him - which my mom will find out today since she is tagging along to his doc's appointment at my insistence - but then again, he is just not a smart cookie.
  6. I hate other people being laid back about their jobs....especially when it pertains to mine! Now, I would LOVE to be at home with Chris, but while I have to endure working, how about you give me some respect and ANSWER EMAIL! Oy! The lady running the program out in Colorado for me took vacation last week - and never bothered to inform me of that. So, like a moron, I've been e-mailing her ALL WEEK, I am sooo not going out to Colorado on Sunday if this chick screws up.
  7. ...and, I WANT MY THREE MUSKETEERS BAR from my last AF visit! I know DH at it on me....and I WANT IT!

Thank goodness this week is my off-week for carpool driving! Haahaa! Those jaywalkers wouldn't like it when I am angry...

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dawn said...

You certainly give me another reason that I don't miss AF. I am hoping she stays away for a while after the girls are born.