Monday, April 10, 2006

One of my many blessing: My hubby

It's been a while since I wrote a post keeping in line with my blog name - My Many Blessings. So, here is one for the week: My Hubby.

My hubby has a way of bringing out the things in me that I don't alawys want to come out... After 19 years of knowing him, you would think I would have figured out how he knows! But alas, I have not and it is something I don't think I will ever figure out.

I had wanted to talk to him about me going to counseling for over a week now, but every time I wanted to bring it up, something got in the way: Chris waking up, a phone call that needed to be taken, whatever. Things came to a head last night, and we finally had the opportunity to air it out. And, I am forever grateful since my mood has since lightened a bit.

We talked about things for over 2 hours last night...and covered a lot of things. The most important things to come out of last night's talk was he has agreed to help me out with a few things while my work schedule is crazy over the next 2 weeks: He is going to call our GP to 1) see if he can give me anything to help me sleep, since sleep has been at a real minimum the past few weeks, 2) make sure that Dr. D is coordinating with him what's being tested for and what is/isn't found and 3) to see if he knows of a therapist covered who specializes in IF/loss. Hubby is also going to ask his therapist if he knows of someone I could go to.

Hubby has been through his own share of issues, all family-related - or, mother related really - that has affected his choices of career. So, some things he has been through parallels what I am going through now. His insights, although, are always helpful (okay, except for the meditation stuff...that is something I'm not really into!).

The most comforting thing he did for me was to stand up to his mother on how I have been feeling about the losses, TTC in general, the impact it has had on us as a family and my working outside the home. She has been through her own m/c of twins, but has chosen to bury it rather than deal with it - and she is not comfortable with the idea that I need to work through this, especially with counseling, instead of burying it and moving on. She is not comfortable with the idea that, despite my wish to be a SAHM, I actually enjoy the job I do. Don't get me wrong, I am very fond of my MIL, but there are things that we do butt heads on... She is not good with dealing with emtional baggage, and anyone chosing to address it makes her nervous.

I guess God does really have a plan for us...He put me in a position to meet my hubby in the first place at that high school dance in 1987 and there would have been no way for me to have met him otherwise. :)

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Jessica said...

So happy that you have a great husband, what a fortunate thing. And such a good man to go to his mother and deal with issues when need be. My mother in law hides her emotions as well (being very hard to read) but that's not very healthy imo and I think you are very smart and doing the best thing for yourself.