Friday, March 31, 2006

A walk does a body good...In more ways than one

I have been a good girl the past 2 days and have taken nice, long walks around campus while the weather is still so nice. Yesterday, probably a half mile - today, a mile.

It was very nice to just walk, not listen to anything in particular, and breathe. I haven't really done that in a very long time - probably since college when you had to walk EVERYWHERE (uhhh...that was over 10 years ago now!). And, apparently it was something I've missed. But, alas, you can't take long walks like that when you live in da 'hood! HeeHee!

If I keep this up (which I am really going to try!), not only will I get to clear my head most days, but I may very well fit into those two pairs of Cargo pants I haven't been able to wear since August 2003, when Chris as conceived! At least there are a few positive things that are coming out of these losses...which is something I never imagined I would ever see.

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