Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Worky-Jerky, other mundane updates...and Pre-School!

Yipes! A week since I posted last.... I gotta tell ya, work is just over-running my life. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Let's see if I can catch up a bit (I PROMISE! I will be on my BG's next week... Shhhhh! The boss will be out all next week Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting !).

Anyways....where to begin...

Chris did very well visiting Santa on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Hubby escaped from work, so he joined us this trip. I have yet to scan the pic - but, it was better than last year's (I didn't need to be in it this year!). I will post it as soon as I can. Was sad to hear that they are knocking down the mall complex this Santa is in - but, we signed up for the mailing list so we can find out where he is moving to in 2007. Santa is such a sweet man - he pulled me aside as Chris got down and said it was so nice to see a mommy who so loved her child. Almost brought me to tears when he said that - he had no idea how much I needed to hear that.

I was emotionally okay on Wednesday, on the anniversary of our second loss - our Center Administrator let us out of work around 1 pm for the Thanksgiving holiday (my director was in California on business/family), so that helped a bit to not have to be here all day at work. But, I didn't cry. I was very sad that it has been a year since our angel left us, but I was okay. I spent the afternoon with Chris and visiting with my mom. The only sad thing is - other than Hubby and I, no one remembered...or at least they did not let on they did. For the best, I suppose...but at the same time, that baby was a part of me, even for a short time. And, it is not easy to go through the sadness alone. But, I guess the pain of the losses does really fade a bit over time... Thank you for your thoughts and hugs, ladies. It helps to get me through.

Thanksgiving was nice - and QUIET! Spent time with my IL's and my family, which was nice. The newlyweds were back, so we got to see the professional pics (will be getting my paws on them this weekend since they are all on CD - there are some good ones of Chris that I just have to share). And, got to visit some friends I haven't seen in a while over the extended weekend. As soon as I download the pics from the camera from the festivities, I will post some (except for the pic of my butt that Hubby decided to take as a Haahaaa - NOT!).

I had my annual review at work yesterday - unexpected, since reviews are usually done in April in coordination with raises. But, the University decided to do them now without raises (Rutgers cannot give raises this year due to the State budget crisis, even though we are 90% funded by federal money - damn them!). Got a great review, as I do every year (I better, since I work my fanny off!) - and had a chance to discuss the heavy workload, and what is going on with me physically and with my f'ed up family (more on that in a bit...). We were able to make some decisions on jobs that can be off-loaded from me onto the new workshop coordinator (who is WAY more than competent to do these things - Finally!) so I can concentrate more on things I need to. So, we will be making the transition fairly soon. I am very much looking forward to that. A little more even pace to the day...and more time to catch up with my BG's!

Hubby is still looking for a new job - and he is getting a few hits now that we decided to spend the $$ to have his resume professionally re-done! He likes the guy he works for now (I am not sure I do anymore) - but, Hubby is just not being paid enough for the long hours he is putting in, the weekends he is asked to come in (at the last minute, too), and the prospect of his boss moving the office 1+ hours West of where we are now (which means hell in the snow). It has been very, very stressful to be working full time with a 1 hour commute myself, then try to do everything all on my own after that. I gotta give MAJOR props to the single moms out there - I don't know how you keep up with the pace! Hubby and I are like ships in the night right now - I am going to bed sometimes when he is getting home. And, it just sucks all the way around. His goal is to get me home at least part time - if not full time. But, I also don't want him to "prostitute" himself to a huge law-firm and never see Chris. So, I am hoping we can find some balance there - and some time for ourselves again.

Progress on the living room expansion is going GREAT!!! Looks like we will at least have the existing wall knocked out, insulation loaded into the walls, wiring in place, new windows installed and the expansion walls up by mid-December! I really don't care if the area is not painted by Christmas - as long as the space is usable. Tooo Cool! Thanks S (and Zia for loaning him out!). I am sooo excited!

Hubby and I are going back and forth with Dr. McC to see what to do with my stomach - still. I just cannot take the Lorazepam right now - it makes me too coked up during the day if I take half in the morning and half at night (which is what Dr. Stef wanted me to do). And, taking one full tablet at night is out of the question with Hubby's work schedule - I need to be able to function if Hubby isn't home early enough. So, I am back to the Librax with no other options. This continued issue is going to set TTC back if we can't figure something out. I see Dr. Stef on Monday afternoon...I hope to have some answers then, if not before. I need to - we have waited to TTC long enough and I am ready to get back on the ride again. I want one more shot at this...

The Annual Holiday Family Feud has started on my side of the family... Oh, what a headache! This happens every year around Thanksgiving and goes on through the New Year. But, it is much worse this year because my dad needs a hip replacement done (scheduled for January 10th) - but, being the weenie that he is, he is trying to get out on disability now. And, frankly, they can't afford that (and the doc swatted him down on Monday anyway!). So, my sister and I are trying to calm things down at their house right now...and that is not an easy task. The holidays can bring out "the best" in people! Yuck!

And speaking of surgery, my FIL needs surgery as well, right before Christmas. His on-going battle with the infection in his left foot continues... The wounds are finally healing after 4 years of this (he is diabetic and has no feeling in his feet) thanks to the hyperbaric treatments at Clara Maas - but, to close the last wound for good, they need to do a graft. Right before Christmas. He's okay with it...but... Oi!

I called the local Lutheran church by my mom's today... They are willing to take Chris into the pre-school program early, even though he is technically too young by their cut-off again and not potty trained yet. WoooHooo! I explained our issues with his regression when we tried to potty train and how the ped suggested we back off a bit until his speech gets a little bit better - and the pastor's wife (who runs the pre-school) totally understood. Her one son did the same thing. So, since the class is small this year (only 7 kids instead of 15) and my mom lives a block away from the church (and she can come and change him, if needed), she is willing to take Chris un-potty trained in January (the goal over Christmas break is to get him into pull-ups). So, my mom, Chris and I will be heading over on Monday morning to tour the school and see if he will be comfortable there. I am sure he will - our neighbor's girls used to go to that school. I am excited to get him with other kids...and get his speech improved (although it is picking up quite nicely now on it's own). It is a nice balance: 2 days a week for 2-3 hours each day, interaction with other kids his age, some more structured learning and some religion thrown in. I hope he will like it!

Oh.... and BIG PROPS to PeaPod!!!! We decided to try the PeaPod service (run through Stop and Shop) to save us some time on the weekends - and guess what??? The "Food Fairy" arrived on Monday evening with all the groceries we needed! If you want info, go to their web page: PeaPod. There are discounts gallore, full selections like in a regular super market, and you don't have to leave your house! I LOVE IT!!!!

I do ask that everyone please keep in your prayers: Zia (S told us on Saturday the FET didn't work and I am heartbroken for them... What more can I say? If ever a couple deserved to be parents...I don't understand why this won't work for them). Valeree from C-Moms (she is having TMJ surgery today. Hoping this alleviates the pain she has been enduring for years!). HellcatJill and Moon13 from FF (both of whom found out they are pregnant - WoooHooo!!! Congrats, girlies! And, I am hoping these are VERY sticky beans!).

I think that is it.... Quitten' time here! Time to head home and pick up Chris!

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