Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The betas are in... (Updated at end)

...And, I am just not sure they are good.

Beta #1 on 10/3 (approximately 14-16 DPO): 80
Beta #2 on 10/6 (approximately 17-19 DPO): 302
Doubling time: 37.57 hrs

So, the doubling time is perfect...if only I knew WHEN I actually ovulated. If I am closer to 16 DPO and 19 DPO respectively on the draws, the numbers themselves don't look as good. He said I don't need to come in for another beta since the numbers did double well.

But, I am not happy about that...based on previous history:

Betas for 11/05 m/c (blighted ovum, so there was just no chance for this pregnancy):

27 DPO: 4000
30 DPO: 5000 (doubling time: about 216 hours)

Betas for 3/06 m/c (the shocker m/c, since I had m/s with this one and felt things were going okay):

16 DPO: 123
21 DPO: 1630 (doubling time: about 30 hours)
24 DPO: 4295 (doubling time: about 96 hours)

You can see how the betas started to fall off...

...And, so, I am worried now about this pregnancy.

Especially if I am closer to 16 DPO and 19 DPO on the beta draws.

I have only had a few bouts of nausea here and there...my boobs hurt...I am gassy...I have heartburn at night after eating dinner...I am very hungry all of the time. But, I am just not that tired for about 5 weeks pregnant. I don't have the nausea I had with Chris.

I know I really shouldn't compare PG to PG to PG... I am taking different medications now than even when I had the m/c's, so symptoms could be different because of that. And, I know each pregnancy can be different.

But, I am not really sure this is going to stick...

...And, I am scared half to death right now, without knowledge of a third beta.

All I can do is wait for my prenatal appointment and u/s on 10/24.

I don't feel positive at all right now....and the 24th seems like forever away.


If you look the graph created at the BabyMed web site, my numbers don't look so bad:

If I was at/about 14 DPO for Beta #1:
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If I was at/about 16 DPO for Beta #1:
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But, still, I think a third beta is in order. So, I am going to call the Lee (the nice nurse) at 1 pm when she comes in to ask if I could come in for one more beta (I already called back and was told she won't be in until after 1 pm, and my best chance at getting another beta drawn is with her).

I know there is no guarantees to this...but, at the same time, I need a little more reassurance so I don't go off the deep end with worry.

ETA #2:

Lee (the nice nurse) is humoring me and said to come in for the third beta. I love Lee... She has been there, KWIM? And, she knows I don't bull shit them. So, I will be heading out in less than 2 hours for the next beta.

Thanks, Lee. I owe you one!


DD said...

Let's take out the comparisons to your other pregnancies, just for a moment and the possible date of ovulation. What is important, right now, today, is that the beta is doubling appropriately.

Would you be able to hold off on a third beta and schedule instead a scan at 6.5 or 7 weeks? I personally know how hard that would be for me as I have been in this spot a time or two.

As you said, every pregnancy is different and I certainly hope that this one is as different as can be - in a good way.

Jessica said...

I think your numbers look great. Here were mine from this pregnancy:
13dpo- 39 hcg
16dpo- 186 hcg
22dpo- 2527 hcg

I think you should schedule a 3rd beta and then get the ultrasound, that's what I would want. You deserve to get it, and I wouldn't take no for an answer.

Will the 3rd beta make you happy- no probably even if it's spectacular or something you'll still want more reassurance, but if you feel you need it- get it!

Prayers going your way!

Anna said...

Hang in there, Tina. I've got my fingers crossed for you!

amy said...

I'm glad you got in for a 3rd beta. Regarding symptoms - I felt that same way when I was preggo with both boys. Thing is, the pregnacy was different for both boys - I actually thought Brandon was a girl! ha,ha You are in my thoughts (I am still jumping up and down for you!).

dmarie said...

Somehow I missed this post this morning. I hope everything turns out just fine.

Adrienne said...

First, Congratulations!!!! I go off to London and come back to find you knocked-up! ;-)

Second, if it will ease your mind, get that third beta. And an ultrasound as soon as you want it. I went crazy with the ultrasounds the first trimester and it really helped me manage my stress. The RE commented that there's a study out there that shows lower miscarriage rates for women who are heavily monitored during the first 13 weeks - they call it the "TLC Effect."

Whatever you need to make you feel good about this pregnancy, do it.

dawn said...

Good for you for requesting the 3rd BETA. I remember with the girls my numbers weren't doubling and they kept telling me not to get my hopes up. They were going up at least 60%, but yours look great. Waiting to hear about the 3rd BETA.