Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's goin' on?

...Nothing really, except that knocked on of the side diamonds in my engagement ring out of the setting and can't find it (thank goodness it was NOT the main diamond - that was Hubby's greatgrandmothers and I would have had to move to Austrailia is I lost THAT one!)... I had to miss my counseling appointment yesterday because accidents blocked my path on the way there... I found one of the stray cats from my neighbor's house crapping in my garden yesterday when I finally got home from all of the traffic... And, the transition to the new work PC has, well, been less than smooth!


Literally, cat crap.

Now, don't get me wrong... I don't hate cats. I actually kinda like them - if I wasn't allergic to them. I just hate my neighbor's strays (except for the little kittens...anyone know of anyone in NJ who wants a kitten?? They have three). So, I made Hubby set the cat trap so we can get the Animal Control officer in town to take the crapping cat and find it a home.

No wonder my Gerbera Daisies aren't flowering right now!

Anyways, nothing really going on other than that. I am testing much earlier than I probably, of course, everything has been BFN after BFN. But, that's okay. I am going to an Ear-Nose-Throat doc today to see if my on-again/off-again dizzy spells are inner-ear related - so, while I am there, I am going to ask her to look down my throat because I still feel irritation from the Strep (and I have been done with the antibiotics since Monday).

Status quo for now... Maybe I will retest on Friday and see what happens.

Please do me a HUGE favor though.... Please put your prayers in action for Chris' Zia. She is about 1 DPO ahead of me and, God, would I love to hear that blissful scream come from a few towns over if she found out she was expecting!!!


Stacie said...

You post makes me smile with our opposite-ness. Rather than try to keep the neighborhood cats out of my garden I just planted catmint to keep them focused on one area.

Sending good wishes to Chris' Zia,

Rachel said...

I used to have a problem with our neighbor's cat urinating on the bushes next to our front door. I sprinkled cayenne pepper in the area and that solved the problem.

I hope that your testing goes better in a few days.

Jen said...

Thank you for visiting my site!

I wish you better testing tomorrow!