Saturday, June 09, 2007

What would you do??

I am on CD 18. Guess what I got this morning???

Take a guess!

Something I never expected to see without meds....

I am without words...and so is Hubby, who took the pic to save this special moment for me!

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Holy Cow! Yippeee!!! That is the most positive OPK I have ever seen since the TTC cycle that brought Chris into our lives!

I am utter shock at the moment. Although, I probably shouldn't be too surprised because I had EWCM for three days now. But, I can't judge by CM alone, since it always psychs me out at some point...

Anyways, I am not sure what to do here. Should we DTD? Should we wait?

I am cutting Lexapro back to the 5 mg/0 mg weaning stage starting Tuesday, so I could assume it is safe. I won't be on a full load of meds...

And, I am still so, so drawn, thanks to my intuition, to TTC in June...and things have lined up better with this cycle than the past 2 m/c cycles ever did.

But, I am so afraid to do this too... The only time I ever ovulated on my own (at least that I knew of anyway since charting at all) turned out to be a m/c.

Should I follow my intuition, the butterflies who are back dancing when I walk during lunch, and the four-leaf clover I found in my lawn while pruning Mommy's Garden on Thursday night:

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and just go for it? Or, should we wait it out, knowing that at least I will have a new cycle by the end of the month and start the Clomid/IUI then??

I wish I knew what to do...


Here is my OPK from 4 pm today...

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Actually, more positive than the one I did this morning at 8 am... Yipee!

ETA #2

Got this at 8 am this morning...

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I still can't believe my body finally figured out for once what it is supposed to do!


niobe said...

Hmmm....I wish I had useful advice for you. But since I know nothing about the issues involved, I'll just keep my mouth shut.

I love the four-leaf clover though -- it's amazing that you actually found one.

Jessica said...

I'm hoping you DTD last night! haha and today too for extra fun! That is amazing, I truly know- because I've NEVER ovulated on my own.

Rachel said...

So, what did you do?????

As for the 4-leaf clover, I am jealous. I have been looking for several months, ever since there was an article in the paper about a local women who had found 10,000+ and thinks it is strange more people haven't found them.

If you did try, I am praying for you that it worked. If you chose not to, I am praying that the next cycle works just as well.