Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting ready for D-Day - MFM Clinic Consult

....Only 7 more days until D-Day.... our MFM Clinic consult.

There are so many things to ask... So many concerns to bring to the table. I hope they are ready for us! Haha! Dr. D has the knowledge that I am a planner - and a researcher. He is always prepared for my questions and research when it is appointment time for me. Hope he warned Dr. W I am coming!

Dr. D's office confirmed this morning that the referral for the consult is already faxed over to the clinic, and they will be faxing all of the bloodwork over when they request it (which should be within the next few days). So, all I need to do is show up with my questions in hand. At least one doctor's office has it completely together!

So, here starts my list of questions to ask. Any comments or suggestions are welcome - Just post them to the Comments.

  • How will the treat the MTHFR mutation and resulting high homocysteine levels? How soon do I start treatment? How often do they follow-up pre-conception to make sure the levels are evening out and holding steady? Should we consider baby aspirin or Levonox or a combo of both?
  • What about the new fibroids found? If they are internal, or will affect getting and staying PG, should we consider removing them?
  • How will we manage hyperthryoid, if the tests turn out to indicate that it is in fact a problem?
  • What would they suggest about the next IF protocol? Try Clomid one more time, or change the protocol totally?
  • Why do they think I am spotting mid-cycle now (except on the BCPs)?
  • How often would I be seeing them in addition to Dr. D, once I get PG? Who do I call first for a beta - or a + HPT?
  • How do I manage the mega-nausea I had with Chris, when I do get PG? With the prospect of so many meds, I want to ensure I can take them and keep them down.
  • What are my real chances of miscarrying again?
  • What are my increased risks of harm to the baby with these medical conditions together? How much higher are the chances of birth defects, specifically, ones that would be a life-long struggle and pain.
  • Should we consider no longer TTC?

I wonder how long of an appointment I DO have!?!?! Haaahaaa! With all of these questions....I hope there is enough time to answer them. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't think you've got too many questions at all - this, after all, is about your health and the future of your family! Maybe, though, since you have plenty, and you already have them listed, yo should call the office, explain that you have a lot of items to discuss and offer to fax them your current list of questions to give the doc a heads-up? You can always add more questions, but at least the doc is on notice of your questions and will keep on point. :)


Jessica said...

It sounds like you are well prepared for you apt. And I think you can go over them quicker than you think. I hope the answers are good ones.