Thursday, March 06, 2008

In search of a new blog designer

So...I found out today that the designer of my current blog template is no longer going to be supporting the images of the designs she had done past June 2008.


So, I am looking at replacing my template now...which is okay, because I had been thinking it might be time for a change anyway. My life is moving in a new direction now - new baby arriving in June, Chris starting Pre-K (OH MY GOD!!!!!) in the fall, the formal end of TTC because I just don't think I could handle the stress and worry of trying for a third child.

So, any suggestions of a reputable custom template designer would be appreciated. :) I need a makeover...

1 comment:

Jessica said...

WOW Chris starting pre-k, where is the time going???
I don't know any custom template designers, just good sites for pre-made ones.
Me & my hubby do mine ourselves.
I look forward to seeing a new layout for ya though! :)