Monday, March 17, 2008

Glad everyone's liked the belly pics...

...because my doc scolded me a little bit on the *weight* issue this morning.

Of course, I DID start this PG out much thinner than I had ever been (and about 10 lbs thinner than where I started when PG with Chris)...but, since at 28 weeks tomorrow I have already gained the 27 lbs I had gained across the entire PG with Chris, I have to try to slow that down a bit now.


So, start asking Mother Nature to behave where the weather is concerned from now until June! I gotta throw my sneakers on and get some walking in....and use those same sneakers to walk past the cookies, brownies, etc. that tend to be floating around work because of the various seminars, workshops and meetings.

...On a good note: I get to have my Lexapro back. Yeah! Dr. D agreed that, considering all that is going on (especially the indecisiveness of my IL's on what the hell they are doing with living arrangements...that saga will continue later), it would be better to have me on a low dose for my sanity (and sleep) than to let me continue with the way things have been going (i.e., the anxiety attacks I have been having since New Year's). So, I will take my first dose (5 mgs for now) tonight when I get home. Oh, sweet relief... I don't necessarily like the idea of taking additional meds right now... But, I need my head back a bit.


Enola said...

I'm glad you talked to your doc. I'm on 10 mg of Lexapro. I am taking it at night since I seem to remember it making me a bit nauseous and a bit sleepy. This is day 5 (I think). I'm not sleeping and the pregnancy sickness at night is awful - it's probably a bad combination of the pregnancy and the meds. How is your weaning on going? Did your doc say it was okay to stay on throughout the pregnancy? Any plans to wean up?

MoonNStarMommy said...

Awwwwwwwww love the belly pics!! I am no where near as skinny as you, but I totally feel that if you crave it, or feel the need for it (food) there is a reason - especially when you are pregnant.

I'm looking forward to losing a lot of weight after this baby since it's my last :)

Anonymous said...
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