Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally....some long-awaited belly pics

After long wait (sorry, I've been too tired at night to do this!), here are some belly pics for all of you. I think I finally "look the part" this time around...which is a nice change since people realize now that I am not just overweight.

First, these are my "before's" for reference...since I have not taken any belly pics until now. These pics are from about 10/06, but I have remained that same weight for a while now (actually, I was slightly thinner than these pics before getting PG with E2):

St. Gerard Feast, October 2006

Halloween, 2006

And, this is me now, at 27 weeks, 2 days (yesterday):



For additional reference, this was me PG with Chris, on my EDD of 4/29/04 (Chris was born a week later on 5/4/04):


I think I am just about the same size now, entering into the 3rd trimester, as I was on Chris' EDD. I have the same pants on, but not the same shirt (although it is grey).

I promise to post more pics in the future. :) It would be nice to document the progression - something I didn't do with my PG with Chris.


ilyse said...

Wow, you look great! You are so pretty :)

amy said...

Your look terrific! Wow - I wish I looked so great (and you are definitely glowing) when I was preggo...sigh. It feels like such a long time ago....(nope, don't want to have another one though - ha,ha).

Best wishes!

Jessica said...

You look marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY for sporting a cute baby belly- I so miss it already!

ultimatejourney said...

You look wonderful!!!