Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Whish, whish... Ring, Ring...

Do any of you hear this sound????

Whish, whish...

Ring, Ring...

Whish, whish...

Ring, Ring...

Well, that is about all I hear in my right ear right now. Lovely, no?

I have been sick with Chris' cold since last Tuesday - yep, a full week of this crap, and I don't see it getting any better on it's own. Luckily for me, I need not suffer alone: My MIL, FIL and Hubby's grandmother all have it too.

How is Chris, you ask? Well, relatively fine except for a minor cough here and there (only lasted for him about 4 days...although he likes to "pretend" that he still is when I get in the middle of a hacking session - how's that for empathy!).

So, I am off to the doctor's today to see if he can help. My head is so plugged up, as is my right ear, and I am still achy, cold, and exhausted.


And, I am at work.

Double SUCKS!!!

But, I did have a good laugh for myself over the weekend. We had a yard load of company yesterday after Chris' parade debut for the nursery school he is in and I ended up timing my 24-hour urine test to check my iodine levels (yep, this was MY request - what a moron!) on the same day. Have you ever had to explain why there was a cooler in the bathroom before?? It was highly embarassing to have to tell people who asked about it that I had to pee in a container and then chill it for 24 hours so the lab could run the test. Then again, I guess I shouldn't be that embarassed about it...they were dumb enough to ask!

Hopefully Dr. McC can DO something for this!

Oh, did I mention that The Lady in Red is still here too? I am happy - really - because I have managed to go through a bag of maxi pads in less than 2 months. Quite the record for someone who normally doesn't have to invest in them more than twice a year. But, well, the timing just triple sucks. But, I'll take it!

ETA: The verdict is in: Sinus infection and double ear infection! Just haven't started feeling anything yet in the left ear! Lovely. So, I am on Levaquin for 5 days and Nasonex to try to relieve the congestion. So far, they have done zippola in the feeling better department... Impatient, no?


Jessica said...

So sorry you got sick!!! I hate having to work when I'm sick. I am glad Chris is feeling better though, hopefully you'll get better quickly.

Too funny about the pee cooler. But yea, I think I wouldn't have asked!

I understand totally what you mean about being happy to see AF btw... because seeing her more 'normally' is a good sign. Just wish it didn't hit you all at once.

:hugs: get well!

The Town Criers said...

Oh for the love--can you have more stuff to deal with at once? Sending good thoughts your way for a speedy recovery--as well as making sure the pee collection was all worth it.

Enola said...

Oh No - I am so sorry you are sick. Healing vibes and wishes for a speedy recovery for you.