Friday, May 11, 2007

Christopher Fridays: Family

I wanted to get back to the Christopher Friday posts (and, what better way to do that when working from home! Less interruptions!). Here's to getting back to the weekly uplifts!

We have a "dirtly" little habit in our house....

Chris does NOT fall asleep on his own.

I know, I know... It is probably a bad thing that could bite us in the ass later on. BUT, it is our time to unwind with each other as a family - especially since I work outside the home (with rate exceptions like today).

So, after bathtime, we all curl up on our bed, read one or two stories with a small bottle (oh, yes, secret #2 - but Chris does brush after it) and when we are done, Chris announces "lights out!" and we all snuggle for a while. Sometimes I head downstairs for yoga time, sometimes I fall asleep (which is bad because on occasion, I fall asleep with my contacts in). It is just a nice bonding time for all of us - a special time to be with each other, share our day, and be silly or quiet while falling asleep.

Joke is on us, though - Chris does fall asleep for the grandmothers on his own...

Anyways, during this ritual of ours, Chris has been known to make Hubby and I kiss. He started doing that about a year ago - Chris is in the middle of us, and he grabs our heads and pushes us together to make us kiss. It is too cute when he does it - although we are not sure why he does it. But, it is nice just the same, and we always take him up on his offer.

The new thing he started doing yesterday is an extension of his making us kiss.

Now, he likes to grab anyone in the family and hug them while shouting, "Ah, FAMILY!"

I love it. And, I am happy for him that he has such a strong sense of what family means at such a young age. I don't recall having that at that age - and I know I really don't with my family now (with exception of my mom). It is so good for him to have that family bond - he will always have someone there for him, and he can grow up strong knowing that.


Amy said...

I think we also share that dirty little secret. It's normal - sometimes kiddos need their parent/parents there to fall asleep. I even still rock my boys to sleep. That's great that Chris does and says those things...too cute!

The Town Criers said...

I love this post. It's so cute. And whatever works--keep doing it!

Val said...

How stinkin cute!

dawn said...

It sounds wonderful and sweet. I love those moments and I feel sad that I miss them with the girls.

Jessica said...

LOL that's so cute and funny. I really love how he says "Ah, Family"

ME right now goes to bed by herself, however she's still in a crib.

We do family cuddling on Saturday & Sunday mornings though, it's the best!