Monday, May 14, 2007

My Blogs of Note: May 2007

Mel over at Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters had a great feature on May 4th called Name That Blogger and Thank Her in which you read her description of the blog and you try to guess which blog it is. I got 5 out of 12 right - not bad for a blogger who doesn't always get to post - and get to post this on my blog now:

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HeeeHeee! I feel like a kid again!!!

Melissa: Hope you do this often! Really keeps us on our toes and reading!

Anyways, I decided that, based on Melissa's idea, each month I am going to write a special post about a blog I have linked in my ever-growing sidebar (if you note, I added a new section on Mommy's Garden - post will be up soon about my new "little" endeavor). I am going to write why I link to that blog and why that person may need the extra support right now. I hope that anyone who reads this post each month might share the love you have given me over the past year or so...

Today's "innaugural" post will be for one of my BG members (Dianne) whose Leah Ann was born to heaven on October 5, 2006. Dianne's blog is It's My Life.

Di is new to blogging here on Blogger (although she had one on MySpace for a while) - so, she is just learning the "ropes" of it. But, she is not new to infertility and pregnancy loss. She was a huge support through my own losses, and I would like to see her get some support in return. Leah was born too soon due to a cord accident: Her umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around her tiny little neck four times. Leah's loss has been devastating, to say the least, especially because everyone has forgotten seven months later, except for her. Di has been TTC again and she just went through another failed cycle (sorry, Di - I was soooo hoping that was not going to be the case). She could use some support right now - for the failed cycles, but more importantly, for her loss of Leah. It is hard to work through loss alone.

I hope some of you could pop over and give her some support.


The Town Criers said...

You're a great friend, Tina. I just headed over there.

Dianne said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH TINA! I really appreciate every little thing you do, all the thoughts, prayers, encouragements... all of it. It really does help, maybe more than you know.
SO thanks so much :)
And thanks for visiting town criers :)