Monday, February 19, 2007

Some more prayers needed...

I could use some prayers sent out to a few people I hold near and dear:

1. A friend of Hubby's from his prior job just had a son three weeks ago. The little boy has a heart condition where the heart cannot regulate the beat - so a pacemaker is going to be put in. Please send some prayers out to the little boy and his parents. They are great, great people.

2. A few of the ladies in my BG's could use some prayers right now, for various reasons.

One of them is a continuation from my post in early December (see "A request for prayers and information for an on-line friend"). She is getting conflicting information from two MFM doctors - one is more positive than the other. Please pray for the best possible outcome for the baby.

Another is having a very hard time with the aftermath of very hard to face issues from her childhood. It is all spilling over into her life now, and she could use the support. Please pray she has the strength and courage to face her fears and find who she needs to be.

The last is another BG member who TTC #2 now and is facing IF again. Please pray her journey to #2 is much shorter this time.

3. One of our close friends is going for her beta today - some of you know her from FF to, so please keep some positive thoughts and prayers going for her today.

Thanks everyone.

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Jessica said...

Prayers for all of the people you mentioned. Please keep us posted on the baby boy.
I know I am so sad about the results of her beta :(