Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A request for prayers and information for an on-line friend

One of my on-line friends could really use some prayers from anyone who is willing to send some.

She and her DH found out at herr 20 week ultrasound (she is about 23 weeks now) that the baby has dolichocephaly (a rare disorder having to do with an abnormal shape of the head). The confusing thing right now, until they get their second opinion tomorrow, is that this could be a condition in and of itself, or part of a bigger problem - all of which can range from mild cases to very severe cases. They are waiting for her amnio results, but have been told that even if chromosomal issues are ruled out, it could be a genetic disorder.

One of the biggest issues for her right now is 1) she can't seem to find anyone dealing with the same condition, 2) it seems so rare that she can't find any support groups that discuss it and 3) she can't find much information on the condition at all.

So, if anyone knows of information I can pass along to her - or just prayers you can offer - please post a comment to this post. She will hopefully be looking for any information on the disorder or support services that she should ask for.

Thanks a million, all!


Dianne said...

:( I hate to hear bad news for pregnant moms, no one should have to have stress and sadness during what should be a happy time :( I do not know anything about that disorder but I will keep her in my thoughts.

Jessica said...

THere seems to be a parent area on this site:

I dunno if that will help or anything but anyway my prayers are with them.
I know what it's like to get bad news at the 20 week ultrasound. I hope things are the best case scenerio.