Monday, February 12, 2007

I love this time of year....

....and I don't mean because it's close to Valentine's Day. It is almost St. Patrick's Day!!!

Yes, I am one for wearin' o' the green in March, since I am partly (or mostly) Irish...along with English, French, Polish, Ukrainian and German. I love the music, the food (okay, some of it anyway!), the heritage -- all of it. That is my one big wish - to someday visit Ireland. Hope Hubby gets a new job soon so we can afford it!

So, right now, my CD changer in the car is loaded with Celtic music - and a CD of Laurie Berkner (Chris has to have an alternative for the longer drives, of course). My current fav is one I just picked up over the weekend:

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The CD I am hooked on is their new one: A New Journey.

Check then out here:

Can't wait for Valentine's Day to be celebrated and over - then we are on to corned beef, soda bread, Irish music and parades. I would add beer in there too, but I became somewhat allergic to alcohol after college and if I tried to drink it, I would be sick to my stomach right away. So, I will sip my watered-down Bailey's on March 15th (after the big parade!).


The Town Criers said...

At least Chris knows that no one will ever pinch him at school. His mum will see to it that he's wearing all green! Is that a tradition only down here in D.C.? The kids who aren't wearing green are pinched all day. And the child who wore the most green to school won a prize.

cat said...

St. Patricks Day hurrah... can't wait for V-day to be over either. poo.

secret word was: McQunka


Jessica said...

hehe, hope you start enjoying your Irish celebrations real soon! So weird you became allergic to alcohol...