Sunday, December 03, 2006

Damn the Fates!

So, it looks like the start of the last month of the year and before TTC has swiftly become a reality check I wasn't expecting to get...

When I came home Friday night from work, I could tell Chris wasn't feeling good - he was very hot to the touch (although everyone disagreed with me) and was just not himself. After a feeble attempt at eating dinner, I told Hubby to make it quick eating his dinner and let's get Chris home. Around 7:30 pm, after 2 hours of watching him just mope and cry, we put Chris in the tub to get him to bed - and he promptly puked in it. Poor thing....he cried so hard because he was sooo scared of what was happening. After he got it out of his system, he perked up a bit - we let him watch the Backyardigans for a while, and at 10 pm he was tired enough to fall asleep. Hubby and I were up all night checking him (he slept in our bed with Hubby - I got ousted to the futon because there was no more room for me... I think we need a California King!), rescuing our penguin at 1:00 AM from the front of the house since the high winds decided it needed to take a walk to the neighbor's across the street, and being startled awake by our ADT alarm going off at 3:00 AM because the wind blew on one of the doors so hard, it set the house alarm off... What a night!

But, Chris is feeling much better - still not sure if it was an actual stomach virus since he was absolutely fine yesterday and today. But, he is feeling better and that's the important thing.

Now....onto the rest of it...

Hubby and I have had to come to tough decision today that we have to put of TTC a bit longer. I am pissed...but there is just not much we can do about it. And, really, its no one's fault in particular.

My mother took a header down her front stairs last night (which I found out about this morning...) - the CT scan of her leg is showing a fracture in her knee. So, there is no way she can care for Chris right now until she sees an orthopedic doctor tomorrow and finds out how long it is going to take to heal. On top of that, they had to do a CT scan of her head since she smacked it too (with a beautiful black eye!) and they found what looks like the aftermath of a possible mini-stroke from the past - she has to follow up with her/our GP (she, too, sees Dr. McC) to see what further tests need to be run to see what is going on. We are still not sure if it was a mini-stroke or not - she doesn't remember feeling anything like that at all. So, we have to wait and see what's going on with that.

So, with that now and my father's impending hip replacement in January and my FIL's surgery on December 20th for his wound on his foot - and the fact that my stomach issues are still here, worse than ever this weekend - there is just no way we can consider TTC in January. There is just too much stress right now....especially with how I am going to work out care for Chris since I can't afford to take the time off of work until my mom recovers. And, I just have too much work to get done.

All of our plans are blown out of the water, yet again. To say I am upset is an understatement... Maybe I should just take the hint that I keep getting over and over again and call TTC over for good. Every time I think I am getting ahead with this, the rug gets pulled. I don't understand it.

I'll be back to post when I have myself a little bit more together and can post a little more coherently.


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More hugs...

Dianne said...

Tina- I am sorry to read all the problems that have aroused! I am glad Chris is feeling better.. and I think it is just bad luck that your mom, dad, etc. have some injuries- and yes they are a big deal, I know that. But- I do not think it is a sign for you not to TTC...a sign for you to TTC is that you are a great mom, have a great husband, you both have jobs, a house, and are loving people- that is why you should TTC- it has nothing to do with people in your family getting injured.
I hope your stomach issues are just worsened because of the bug...and hopefully they will be fine. I know you must be stressed right now and I'm sure things will slow down after the holidays. I say if your stomach is better in January to go ahead with your TTC, if you are stressed- more the reason to BD !!
But- if you decide you REALLY have to wait til March- guess what? Thats when I will be TTC again!!!!
But I really think you shouldnt throw in the towel.
hope you find some day care for chris- can he start that preschool place earlier and go full time?

HellcatJill said...

More hugs from me, too. So sorry your family is having such a rough time right now!

Jessica said...

Late at responding... and I know you changed your mind on some things... but I wanted to say I'm so sorry that your father is having a hip replacement, and your FIL is having surgery on his foot and your mom took such a fall and they found out about the poss. mini-stroke. What a string of bad news. I pray they all heal nicely.