Monday, August 13, 2007

Waiting on what to do

Waiting again...

*tapping foot*

I am 12 days past my last Provera pill... Still no period.

This is not right - at least for me, anyway.

*tapping foot*

Took another HPT, and the striking white of the test area is pretty clear that there is no pregnancy to speak of.

...of course, you kinda need the ovulation for that, and the lack of a strong test line proved pretty clear too that there was no ovulation on my own this cycle.

** tapping foot fast**

So, I called Dr. D's office this morning - of course, I got Liz (my not-so-favorite nurse) on the phone and told her what was going on: No PG, no ovulation, no period 12 days out of Provera (although I did have 2 days of very light spotting last week). I also mentioned that my periods over all the last few cycles have been lighter for me. Hell, my last period started with two days of not-quite-spotting but not-quite-period-bleeding!


Liz's response was: Wasn't I supposed to come in for a TTC consult with Dr. D since we hadn't met since November 2006?

Apparently, she's working on a way-outdated newspaper... When I spoke to Lee (the faboo nurse and the one I trust since she has been there since I started going to Dr. D many years ago) in June, Dr. D's message was that when AF came, we would just start the Clomid/IUI cycle. So, I politely brought her up to speed on that one.

So, she took everything down (rather annoyed in tone, may I add - I am NOT happy about that one...then again, I am working on what should be my period hormones...) and told me she would call me back after she spoke to Dr. D today.

I know I am going to get the "you shouldn't have taken the Provera without my approval" speech - but, who knew I wouldn't get my period? Besides, I tested several times anyway to make sure I wasn't PG before I started it - I took the appropriate precautions there that I would have been told to do anyway.

So, where is my period?

I have a theory (thanks, Dr. Google for this one) - actually, I have a few. But, the most I am worried about (other than the current stress I am trying to swim through, or the possibility that my thyroid may be acting up again, or the possibility that maybe I stored the Provera wrong in the first place and it just wasn't as effective as it should be) is that I may have developed Asherman's Syndrome.

I really, really love Dr. Google for allaying my fears and anxiety...

Honestly, I have put my uterus through a work-out over the past three years: one live birth, one natural early m/c, one d&e for a m/c that wouldn't start followed up by one d&c less than 6 months later because I couldn't live with waiting for another m/c to start. And, the fact that I have cramping often (even without a period pending), that my periods seem to be lighter than they have been in the past, and my period has not shown up after Provera (which has NEVER happened), I am starting to really worry...

So, I am waiting to see what Dr. D has to say.

...and my cell phone will be glued to me until I hear back from him...

I have not had an HSG since 6/03 - maybe it is time to take a look in there and see what the heck is going on.

I am so tired of thinking in terms of worst-case-scenario... But, that seems to be how life has been the past 18 months of TTC again.

Murphy's law strikes again.

Damn it...all I want is one more child. Why do I keep hitting these roadblocks? Every time I feel like things are in place to try again, another detour pops up without warning.

...Maybe I should just start taking the hint and call this journey over.

Damn it.


DD said...

Sometimes you have to wonder what kind of documentation goes on in those charts. 5 bucks says she doesn't call you back today. Crabby nurse. I bet SHE stole your period!

I think another HSG would be justified. I know that I had to take Provera once and my period didn't want to start, either. Try the proven method of pretty undies, white pants, new sheets and baby shower gift shopping. Works EVERY TIME for me.

r_is_moody said...

Sorry there is another road block in your way to try to have another baby. The TTC rollercoaster is so hard sometimes.

I will add my two cents that I had Asherman's Syndrome after two d&c's and a natural m/c. My dr did a Hysterscopy and cleaned everything out. It really wasn't that bad. Praying that is why i couldn't keep a pg.

I hope that nurse is nice and the dr does call you back today. Too bad you couldn't have talked to the nice nurse.

Adrienne said...

There is no hint, so don't listen! The journey is not over.

If you don't get a call back this afternoon, call again until you get the *good* nurse. Really, if Liz doesn't like what she does, she should go somewhere else - just what you need, someone who sucks all the joy out of a room and makes you feel stupid for calling your own doctor.

You will scale those roadblocks - you will.

Jessica said...

UGH!!! I agree with the pp - do not look at this as a hint. Perhaps some answers will come out of it that are necessary. But anyway it SURE DOES SUCK that you have another road block and ya know why is it that when you WANT the witch to show up - she doesn't. And when you don't want her, there she is.
I hope that you post soon and know more info (and talked to a nice nurse) and that in the end it's not anything like the worst case scenario.

Caro said...

step away from dr google!

Seriously though I hope Dr D rings soon.

Rachel said...

Let us know what you here from your doctor. I hope that he has some good news or at least some answers.