Friday, August 10, 2007

So freakin frustrated...

Where the hell is my period??? It has been 8 - count it EIGHT - days since I finished the Provera, and I had two whopping days of minimal spotting.


I have never, EVER had this happen? What the heck am I supposed to do now? I have taken a few HPT's just to make sure I didn't make a huge mistake - all of them were negative. So, I know I am not PG. Kinda need to ovulate for that, which didn't happen.

I am so bloated out the wazzuu, I am crampy, I am moody... And, nothing.


If I don't have anything by Monday, I am going to call Dr. D. This is just ridiculous.

All I want to do is get this cycle STARTED, and here I am sitting, waiting, again.

This is really pissing me off.


Val said...

((Hugs)) I'm so sorry. I'm sitting here in the middle of mine, cramping, nauseous, bloated, cramping (oh did I say that already), but your post did remind me to be grateful for a regular cycle.

Hang in there.

Adrienne said...

Ugh. So sorry, Tina. All of this is all about the waiting, isn't it?

r_is_moody said...

Isn't it always like that, when you want it to show up it won't. I really hope you start soon so that you can get going on the next cycle.

Aurelia said...

It will be here soon. I hope!!! Is it possible stress from the crazy new co-worker is throwing your hormones out of whack?

Normal stress won't do it, but serious stress like this will sometimes.

Chili said...

I've so been there... Last cycle, I went 36 days past progesterone treatment with nothing, then ovulated, and then my cycle finally ended (on CD110). My gyno said that sometimes, progesterone seems to 'reset' a cycle back to the beginning.

Hope *something* happens for you soon!

Di said...

of course thats they way it would go.. everything was going along like clockwork and now that youre ready... nada... very frustrating... I hope you get AF soon.. maybe because you were so stressed with that annoying lady at work(btw I hope she gets fired!) hopefully it has showed up this weekend or they give you a few more provera pills so you can get the cycle going!
I hate when things dont go according to plan.
big hugs

ultimatejourney said...

Here's hoping she shows soon.